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Jenthehen Otaku at Law
Yeah, I feel like fanfiction is much more popular "web reading" on the net, but even the really popular writers don't get as much attention for any original work they may write.

I don't really do much that's interesting these days aside from work and parenting, lol! I've thought about taking a photography class, dabbling in some writing (even if just fanfic), or maybe doing some youtube videos for anime figure / otaku merch stuff, but I haven't felt motivated enough for anything! Little kids is my main excuse ... but as they get older, maybe I will! I'm enjoying my current role as mass consumer (streaming lots of anime / shows / movies, and reading, and buying figures/merch!) ;D
1 år siden
Jenthehen Otaku at Law
I wouldn't bother with the E7 sequels - the newest trilogy may be ok, though!

I get what you're saying - sometimes I even feel that way about anime / manga. Sometimes there are phrases or explanations that I'm wondering if something is just lost in translation that is extremely Japanese (like ... assumptions or manners of interpersonal relationships/communications that would be understood and accepted easily in Japan, but seem off or weird to us).

A lot of light novels are just crap writers who got lucky in getting popular (seems like a lot start as web novels - so kind of like original fanfiction). Especially if they (or an artist they use) is really good at drawing popular character designs.

I can see the sexual appeal of anime figures, generally, but there's so much more to them. I just love everything about them (clearly!)
1 år siden
Jenthehen Otaku at Law
Unfortunately, pretty much everything that's come after the original E7 (the sequel, the movies so far) has been a disaster, so you're not missing out!

The Goblin Slayer light novels certainly aren't great literature. The writing is not too terrible for a light novel, though (considering the way they are usually written + shoddy translating). It's definitely readable. I read the first volume of Re:Zero and it was PAINFULLY bad. A major issue with LNs is the translators need to work harder to insert who is speaking with a bunch of dialogue - I guess in Japanese, there are several cues in speaking that would give away who is talking, but we don't have that in English, so I find myself unsure sometimes who is speaking. But anyway - as for Goblin Slayer, the author admits that he just really likes D&D / tabletop gaming and decided to write about "what if a character only killed goblins?" It's also really clear he loves Lord of the Rings. It's basically harem anime LOTR D&D world. The characters even PLAY a tabletop game at one point. Something about it is enjoyable / relaxing enough that I keep reading, though.

I totally agree that a lot of lewd / sexy figures don't feel pornographic, but rather like art. Despite how explicit / detailed this one ITEM #287299 is, I would never hide her away, because she's like a beautiful artistic statue.
1 år siden
Jenthehen Otaku at Law
I do look at the lists eventually - I had just been kind of following pics on here and Twitter during Wonderfest (and the companies / entries I follow on here). I would never have expected an Eureka Seven figure (even with the new movies!) Woohoo!

I guilty pleasure love Goblin Slayer, but the light novels are way more enjoyable than the anime. The fanservice character designs were almost TOO distracting in anime form and killed a lot of the better scenes (at least I felt a lot of scenes didn't come across as strongly when animated!)

I am married (and have two sons - ages 4 and 1!) My husband definitely doesn't care about or mind lewd anime things (he's not an anime fan at all, lol), but we do think about the future as our sons get older. I have a list I keep track of 18+ or cast-off figures LIST #63617 ... I really only consider about half of those to truly be ADULT / pornographic. I keep those inside a small wooden cabinet (along with the few doujinshi and Fakku books I have). Eventually, I may put a lock on the cabinet door. For the very lewd figures I have PO-ed / will order they will go in the cabinet, as well.

Sometimes I just REALLY feel like I need to own a certain figure - even if I need to hide it away instead of displaying it in the open (I still open the cabinet and look and take photos for on here, etc.) If it becomes an issue in the future or if I decide I don't need them locked away, then I will def sell them. For now, it's not a problem. There's also kind of a phenomenon of "blending" when you have a large collection in multiple detolfs / on shelves - to the non-anime fan / non figure collector, it all just kind of blends together and looks like "colorful anime stuff."

As for the Q-Six loli - I'm just so intrigued by her realistic and scandalous design that I feel I must own her (even if I then end up selling down the road). Like ... it's lewd in a very suggestive way, but also NOT (like there are loli figures / art with sex toys / splayed open with no doubt about it being sexual, whereas this feels ... different???)
1 år siden
Jenthehen Otaku at Law
OMG I’m so glad I looked at your list and saw some stuff I’d missed like MOTHER FUCKING ANEMONE!!!!!

Ahhhhh I totally feel you ... I just need unlimited space and money so I can buy all the figures I want!!
1 år siden
Jenthehen Otaku at Law
Ahhh lots!!

Instabuys included on this list
LIST #66461

And might buys on this list
LIST #3247

I’m shocked that FOTS is doing more Dragon Maid figures - NOT what my wallet needs!! And some Freeing bunnies I’m going to “need” lol

How about you??
1 år siden
Heeey! :D
Great taste in Figurines I have to say! A little bit jealous of that D.VA sunkissed Ver. ordered my regular one to quick ._. Love it anyhow!
Left you a FR :)
1 år siden
Thank you! :D

When is WonFes? I never keep up with it xD
1 år siden
What! Marvel over DC! We can't talk anymore, sorry (joke)...but seriously, I love DC more as I think I might be in love with Harley Quinn (joking not joking); and the interaction of her and joker sometimes is just perfect...and then Batman and Superman and ...Marvel is OK; DC is great!
It's crazy, the day after I sent that message this item: ITEM #676105 from your 'waiting for more' list went up for sale! What do you think of her?
I'll send you a PM later; we can talk a bit more about the sexy figures =) I hate doing it here where anyone can read ;)
1 år siden
Hey! Awesome collection; ordered items, potentials list and best of all that waiting for more list. I saw so many figures in that list I didn't even know about that look awesome; hehe. Nice mixture of sexy, nsfw, DC comics and most importantly, NGE!
1 år siden
Japan's #1 Collector Toy Company

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