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ValeliBritannia3 år siden#18417647Güelcom bich |( ̄3 ̄)|

Tenkiu, ai am nou weeb trash uit figiures.
3 år siden
ValeliBritannia4 år siden#9794691I also used to read and buy a lot of books. The Hunger Games trilogy got me in a YA frenzy. I still enojy reading but now I dedicate my time to other hobbies like watching anime. I´ve always liked anime but lately I've fallen in love with it and discovered a lot of amazing stories that I didn't know about.
I haven't read The Young Elites series yet but I've heard amazing things so I'm probably going to give it a try :)

Yeahh! I loved THG because it opened up a market for more YA books in my area. And same, I still love all those things but tend to cycle between interests. Really happy with most of this seasons's shows. Compelling stories and beautiful animation. *^*
4 år siden
ValeliBritannia4 år siden#9803276Thank you so much! This seems to be a really nice community :3

No problem~!
I haven't met unfriendly people yet :D
4 år siden
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