A Quantum Leap Forward In Your Japanese Import Experience

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«I know how to be valedictorian. I've played Trails of Cold Steel»
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Om Meg

Vilseriol! I'm a casual Figma- I mean, FIGURE collector who started with Figma Yukiko and my collection has snowballed from there.

Most of my collection- I'm ashamed to admit it- consists of Figma. They're one of the best looking figures out there, in my opinion. Their shading, coloring, worksmanship, and the way the figure feels in my hand, makes it my favorite brand for articulated figures. Though I just wish the brand was cheaper, or at the very least, came with lot more accessories.

I like scales but they require quite a bit of space, which is something I need more of. Plus, I like to play with my figures. A lot of them don't stay in one pose for long

Aside from that, I also have a pet Bombay cat, I enjoy airsofting, and, don't laugh, gardening. Yes. Gardening. Vegetables are good for you!
Currently watching: Goblin Slayer, God Eater reruns, and That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime. (Rolls of the tongue, doesn't it?)
Nothing in particular at the moment
Currently playing: Starcraft 2, Pokemon: Let's Go Eevee, Spyro Reignited, SNK Heroines, and Smash Ultimate
MOE Poeng
Green and yellow eyes, green and purple hair, pouty lips, sneakers, skin tight knee length skirts, form fitting jeans, tight slacks with button down blouse, polearm, fencing sword, ribbons, black cats, and exposed shoulders.
The sigh of relief my clients make after a long rep. I know that feeling haha
Sony a6000 and my Galaxy S9. This thing can shoot up to 12 megapixels! OOOOOOOOHHHH :O
An old, beat up Compaq tower that houses a GTX 960, a power supply that can power it, fans that keep it nice and cool, 16 gigs of ram, 1 terabyte internal drive; partioned 500gb external drive, and all held together by an Intel i7 processor.


The Sony a6000 experience

16-50mm: Often underestimated, it's versatile and is a decent wide angle lens. A bit slow and causes a bit of barrel distortion, however.

SEL35mm: Very versatile, it takes good pictures and is a great video lens due to its speed, autofocus, and image stabilization. Watch for the chromatic abberations though!

SEL50mm: I have to cross the street just to frame the subject, but the quality to price ratio is outstanding. Satisfies the "bokeh fiends" out there with its creamy finish.

30mm Macro: It gets the job done, but the autofocus is slow and often hunts.

Sigma 19mm: A good, wide angle for the price. Not the fastest, but pictures always come out sharp in the right conditions.

Zeiss Loxia 50mm:
This manual focus only lens has excellent build quality and good control rings.

Bokeh is painterly with lots of definition and isn't mushy butter. Color rendition is beautiful, with a more neutral tone and isn't overly saturated.

A VERY fun lens to use.


tomocchi Superneko
Yeah, treasure it forever! xD

Of course, they are the most important people to me, plus my sister as well.
They deserve all the gifts. <3

If you want to, go for it. xD
Der Valestein would be right though. :P

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9 timer siden
Hhaaahaa! Nice! I haven't played those in a long while though my husband LOVES them! I am just sitting patiently waiting for friggin Cyberpunk...HURRY!!!
2 dager siden
i loved cake wars lol and cupcake wars as well and yeah its just a hobby i want to do other things in life but i just love baked goods and honestly i can touch like chicken meat but i just dont like touching beef or cooking with it , i do cook sea food pretty well i dont mind the blood its just how it feels is so gross lol
3 dager siden
Well it's end-of-year stuff for me too, on top of everything else...so that means performance reviews for my team and god knows all the other goodness. I hate work this time of year!! LOL! BUT...at least it's Thu and not Wed, one step closer to the weekend!
4 dager siden
Oh maybe they are...I always assumed it was supposed to be chocolate, though admittedly an odd chocolate if so, LOL! Oh well, whatever the hell they are I love them! :D I agree...they are like something in between other things I love, but the important thing to note is just that they are delicious! LOL!

Happy Wednesday..oh wait, Thursday!!! *sigh* Is it Friday yet? LOL!
4 dager siden
im very far from being maternal lol i just love sweets i'd rather baked goods over candy anyday always been that type of person tho lol the holiday season just brings it out even more because i have a valid excuse to make them i wanted to become a professional but honestly i dont think i can turn out baked goods everyday and still love them lmao i dont blame u tho i dont wanna think about touching raw meat
8 dager siden
Who would hate tootsie rolls? That's just unnatural!! :D My fav's are just the normal ones. I don't think I've had molasses before, but I do love molasses saltwater taffy!! That stuff is MMMM good!! :D
9 dager siden
I actually LOVE tootsie rolls and think they are pretty underrated!!! :D MMM...making me want one right now!! :D
10 dager siden
I LOVE BAKING so yes i can spare a pie and by request i just mean for my mom to buy me all the stuff to make it , and i usually bake it myself as i do with most of the holiday events like for thanksgiving i made a pumpkin pie and an apple crumb pie and for xmas i plan on making a cherry pie and sweet potato pie perhaps a pumpkin one depending on how many people come over and then for the birthdays me and my grandfather split it so one week he makes a cake and the next i do . its alot of fun esp since i dont like cooking i just like baking
10 dager siden
haha yeah my grandma is the day before mine and then the next week is my mom and the last week is my cat / cousin its the best i love having cake but this year i think im going to request a pie . im in the major mood for pear pie lol

my fav song for xmas has to be aikatsu version of i wish u a merry christmas
10 dager siden
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A Quantum Leap Forward In Your Japanese Import Experience

Anticipated video games (in no particular order)

1. Aegis Rim

2. Fault: Milestone side;below (I'm serious! That's the name!)

3. Fault: Silence the Pedant

4. Resident Evil 2 REmake

5. Doom Eternal

6. The Elder Scrolls VI

7. Trails of Cold Steel 3 and 4

8. Metroid Prime 4

9. Devil May Cry 5

10. Valkyria Chronicles 4

11. Code of Princess EX+

12. Soul Calibur 6

13. Metro: Exodus

14. Red Dead Redemption 2

15. Spiderman

16. Tomb Raider

17. Trails of Zero and Azure HD (rumored)

18. Advent Rising 2