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Om Meg

Hi there! Just started figure collecting not too long ago and is currently in a complicated relationship with my wallet ^^;

Also, if you're a fan of Okitsu Kazuyuki, you are instantly my nakama ˭̡̞(◞⁎˃ᆺ˂)◞*✰
★Starmyu★ Err I also watch a fairly wide range of anime, across multiple genres, as long as it's funny and/or interesting.
Aoharu x Kikanjuu is my favourite. Read a lot of other manga, but nothing horror or gore though ^^;
I own a Macbook Pro. *cries*
Ani-songs, Spyair, Man With A Mission


Coincidentally, I got a reply from Jpn-Depot shortly before reading your message here and they told me the same with the utility bills! I send them a bill of my insurance company requesting a few extra $ and that was good enough to get approved! :) To be honest, I also rather have them not seeing bills like that, but it feels way better if that were to 'leak' (as someone would only know my address) instead of them having a pic of my ID with social security number and everything!

I have updated the thread and also added those stores. Thanks again for replying to me! I hope I can start using JPN Depot now! ^^
21 dager siden
Hi! Thank you so much for your reply! The forum rules can be a bit vague, so I also don't know there, haha. Anyway, I'm really glad to get someone's reply on this! ^^

Before I have only used proxies or forwarder that are also stores next to it, so I guess that's why I've never run into the ID problem. I still find it scary to e-mail or upload my ID info somewhere online, even when it's in a safe environment and with a well known website. I think I will ask JPN Depot if it's OK if I send a censored version of my ID with only the information they need visible. I rather not have them know my social security number and the like. >.< Only problem left for me (but I guess I will e-mail them about this too), is that I don't have any ID-card showing my home address, as the ones used in my country only show the municipality where you live. So I guess that's not good enough for them especially if it's like you said that they also need rechecking if an card expires.

I think it's the same as most shops telling you an item 'is not for sale outside of Japan', but they will sell to you anyway. Like they give the responsibility to you instead of themselves. But it seems like some forwarders are more careful with this. Can I ask which forwarder(s) it were that asked you to send your ID? I was thinking of updating the thread and I could include that information too. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only person worrying about sending ID information through the internet. ^^''
25 dager siden
I got it already from Mandarake. Thanks
3 måneder siden
Haha! The line app stickers are pretty cute~ OMG yes yes I love Hitsugaya a lot too!! But sad to say the current figures of him so far are either in his child form, or the quality of the figures aren't that good :/ Maybe got to get someone to customize a figure of him in his adult form! *0* (which is ex...but worth it haha since he is my first anime crush /o\)
3 måneder siden
:o you use line? Same same! Chibis are really cute!! Nendoroids are really cute but they are really ex so I never get any for now. /o\ Prize figures are much more affordable!

Haha not considered as a lot since I like too much anime stuffs and I want to collect all if possible @@ Just some of anime stuffs like Bleach etc have a lot of products~
Most of the stuffs I gotten them second hand since some stuffs are pretty hard to find @@
4 måneder siden
Haha glad to hear that I am not the only introvert around! Your profile picture is really adorable btw! I love chibis /o\ I am also pretty new to collecting anime stuffs haha!
4 måneder siden
hihi! Thanks for accepting my friend request too! Hope we can be friends~
4 måneder siden
Not sure what you consider double for the Morrigan figure, but Mandarake currently has one at 1500JPY + postage, which is about what I paid. order.mandarake...
4 måneder siden
Hi tuna-chaan I just realized youre a new member! Welcome to this glorious hobby and Im glad to see someone from Singapore too!
5 måneder siden
atunafish (8 måneder siden) #27066437Your photos are so great and really unique! If you ever make a photobook, I would love to buy one. ^^
Thank you! You can check more on my flickr.

As for photobook, I am too bad in photoshop which makes it nearly impossible for me to edit a photobook of my own...
8 måneder siden
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