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If you want to know some things about me that are anime related, here are some things:

When I was young, I used to always watch Toonami and Kids WB. My favorite shows of the time were Cardcaptors, Pokemon, Jackie Chan Adventures, Yu-gi-Oh, Tenchi Muyo, Rurouni Kenshin, DragonBall Z, Ronin Warriors, Zoids, Hamtaro, and G Gundam . When I got older, I started watching Adult Swim and my taste for anime grew a bit further. Surprisingly, the only anime shows I got into on adult swim were Inuyasha, Samurai Champloo, and a little bit of Full Metal Alchemist. I was also into Zatch Bell, as well as the Teen Titans. As years went by, I lost my interest on watching cartoons on tv.

My interest in anime was sparked again when I started seeing clips of Naruto online. I didn't think of it as cool (i.e., thought a ninja in orange clothing was lame) until I reached episode 114, in which I felt the resurgence of how powerful anime can be.

Throughout my college years, I was still watching Naruto, but was slowly getting into Bleach, but faded away once I thought the show was becoming too DBZ ish. I still watch Naruto till this day and have watched other awesome anime shows such as Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online, One Week Friends, Kill La Kill, Fate/Zero, and No game, No life.

Post Grad life, I'm just working but I recently got into anime figure collecting
thanks to a couple of people I befriended at anime expo 2014. At first, I thought about just collecting Nendoroids, but some of the figurines posted here really took my interest. So hence, I am here now on a mission to collect the figurines I consider beautiful and amazing :D.

I'll collect a Nendoroid if it's from an anime that I have watched :). As for Scale figurines, it has to be something that looks wonderful (in my eyes of course) :)

Currently, this is my whole toy collection. I collect dunnies as well! I'm not really into the Pop Vinyl series, but the Teen Titans are an exception! Will update every month!

Update 10-13-2015

~ 4 Seasons Project ~

Spring: (Cherry Blossom or Forest theme *Momohime, Sayame, Shiro, Li Syaoran, and Kinomoto Sakura*): 99% complete.
Summer: (Ocean theme *Houmei, Miku Hatsune, Rise Kujikawa, Seena Kanon, Kotori Minami, and Umi Sonada*): 100% complete!!
Autumn: (Autumn leaves theme *Kureha, Xiaoyu, Belldandy w/Holy Bell, Inori Yuzuriha, Kongiku, and Nakahara Tomoe*) : 100% complete!!
Winter: (Heaven's Winter theme *Sakuya, Panis Angelicus*) 40% complete




~ Art of War: Dunny vs Nendoroid Project ~


Other than that, I do consider myself a deep person. I also care a lot about the important people in my life, as well as giving back to the community. Anime and video games are dream like stories that taught me valuable life lessons, such as to never give up, believing in oneself, and to have strength. I hope you have enjoyed a little preview about myself. If you wanna know more, then let's chat :)

~Currently focusing on myself.



Just so you know, your inbox is full! Wanted to let you know that I received it. :)
1 år siden
I don't visit too much either. I just occasionally add stuff I want to keep track of that I see randomly, and see if there are any updates once in a while. Well, hope life is treating you well.
1 år siden
Happy Birthday!!!
1 år siden
Happy Birthday.
1 år siden
Happy belated Birthday!
2 år siden
Happy birthday!!! : D
2 år siden
FringeBenefits Magical Girl Addict
Happy birthday! Have a good one!
2 år siden
autumnlucks3 år siden#16257749Hey dude! Sorry for not replying back, I don't go here as often anymore. I'm usually just playing Overwatch now since I have a new computer, haha. I hope everything has been well with you though.
Yea I ended up going to AX, but I know for sure I'm not going next year. This years AX was ok for the most part. I hope you had fun in AX :)
I do still remember that you're a Laker fan and I do understand now that the Lakers are currently decent, haha

Things could be better with me, but it is what it is. Hopefully things are good on your end. Didn't take you as an Overwatch player, but that's cool. There are a few people who play that I didn't expect them to.

And Lakers looked good at the start, but I felt they they were overachieving. People were thinking they will make the playoffs, but I don't think they will unless they make some trades. I mean they will get there by default if other teams that I feel should have been better are not playing up to par due to injuries, etc. But healthy, some of the other teams would be better.

They also have no star or closer, so they will usually lose the close games. They've lost to some garbage teams and will be going on a losing streak most likely since they play some really tough teams (such as warriors back to back) and are currently on a 2 game losing streak already. I hope I'm wrong, but I do see the issues that occur with such a young team. So we'll see. Regardless, they are fun to watch again and are competitive for the most part unlike the past couple of years where they would get blown out.
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Happy Birthday, though a little late. I never did get a reply from you on my last message, so I didn't pursue further. Anyways, hope you had a great one. And reading comments, apparently you did go to AX? Sad, we could have met up since I was there too!
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Happy Birthday! :D
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