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Ah I see, I see xD I got it wrong then ^^; Glad I could reassure you about Mandarake online tho :D

Btw, I saw that you have ITEM #917294 on order *-* May I ask where you got him from?? I'm still searching for him and up until now, I have only found him on AmiAmi JP but my usual proxy FromJapan won't buy from there >.> I would love to add him to my collection, he looks so slick ♡

There are actually 4 seasons and 13 episodes of Sherlock so far :D But yeah, I wish there was even more ;_; Since you're a huge Spiderman fan, what do you think of Miles Morales? I really liked the Spiderverse movie and I'm soo excited for the upcoming Miles Morales game for PS5 *______* Are you a gamer btw? ^-^

Jup, you would need a proxy (or if your japanese is sufficent enough, you may also just use a forwarder ^^)
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Oh you usually only shop on the ground? That's interesting! Mandarake is super easy, reliable and safe ^__^ Be aware though, once you give in to online figure and merch shopping, you won't be able to stop xD (that's if you have no self-control like me x'D) 'Package damaged' is usually literally just what you described :D If it's indeed a more severe damage, they'll mention it in the item description or add a close-up picture of it :)

They have a Madame Tussauds in Odaiba!? How did I miss that so far!? XD I would've absolutely taken pictures as well ♡ I shamefully admit that I took pictures with Jump Shops huge Trafalgar Law figure in front of the store loool xD

Ohhhh I would love for Sherlock to come back T__T I loved it so much too. I believe, I once read that the actors would generally be up for it, but given how popular they have gotten in the meantime, they must be really busy though <__> I have no idea why my bf disliked him xD Jealous maybe!? XDDD

If flights from Europe weren't so expensive I would totally go more than once a year too!! Spending time in Japan always feels like refreshing my batteries ♡ It gives me energy for the rest of the year and motivates me to work hard for next year's trip ^-^ We debated going in December instead but given how everything looks atm, it just doesn't seem likely ._. Let me know if you managed to go in November! ^^

When Loki died early in Endgame, I frankly couldn't believe it ;_; I always thought he's gonna make a surprise comeback as usual x'D But nope, he was just gone ;__;

I personally ordered mine at a local online shop here in Germany >.> He's currently up for a very good price (much cheaper than what I preordered him for ^^;;) at Suruga-ya www.suruga-ya.j... Maybe you can grab him from there? ^-^
2 dager siden
Haha I love Stephen Amell as Oliver, he's such an underrated superhero actor just because he's on TV. He seems like an awesome guy too, like he made a WWE appearance one time and while most celebrity guest stars just kinda go through the motions for their paycheck, Amell actually took the time to learn how to wrestle and he impressed a lot of people, he even became good friends with one of the wrestlers (who has since gone on to start his own promotion and took Amell with him lol). (Sorry for the wrestling tangent. ^^') Have you watched any other superhero shows? I remember when the Arrowverse was just Arrow and Flash but now it seems like there's ten shows lol, can't keep up.

Yeah I agree about the DX versions not being worth it usually, only ones I sprung DX for were Captain Marvel (because I wanted to pose her two ways lol) and Bucky (because I needed Rocket, and back then I thought we'd have Groot by now T_T). Congrats on finding Kakashi! I just found a good deal on another JoJo Nendo and couldn't resist so I know the feeling lol, also I see that you ordered your best boy Tanaka yaaay, but does that mean you have to get Nishinoya now too? I feel like I'm watching you get sucked into Nendo hell as we speak. XD Best basketball boys for me were Kagami and Midorima but Kise had some of the funniest scenes, like when he first called Kagami "Kagamicchi" and Kuroko was like "oh that means he respects you, good for you." But Kagami's just like "I don't want that!" lol. I liked the conclusion for Kuroko but as a sports anime junkie I wouldn't mind more, currently just waiting for Daiya no Ace and Yowamushi Pedal to continue, it should be illegal for sports anime to end on cliffhangers. T_T

I have God of War but haven't gotten to it yet... I played the original though, does that count? ^^' Wow that friend is so relatable, I devoured that game lol but I loaned it out to someone before quarantine started and now I'm regretting that so hard, I WANNA REPLAY IT. T_T But yeah the Naruto Nendo aftermarket prices are so bad, not sure why they haven't gotten a rerelease yet especially cuz the line keeps expanding, like why not? I practically pre-ordered Sasori out of fear lol. I know he's not as popular as some of the other characters but YOU NEVER KNOW. O_O I actually missed the boat on Inuyasha, just one of those series like Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor that I feel like I missed out on because the people that did watch them back in the day regard them so highly. ._. Also omg you ordered Camus! He and Ai are gonna look so gorgeous together, Tsukiakari no Dearest duo! (I love that song haha) Only two more Quartet Night boys to go! :O
3 dager siden
Thank you ♡ I'm so happy about it too ^-^ He just showed up on Mandarake a couple of days ago! I couldn't believe my eyes that he wasn't sold out yet! I've been searching for him on pre-owned sites literally every day ^^; It's the regular version though but at this point I don't even care x'D I hope he comes home safe :)

Yeah right? There will be a Doctor Strange sequel in the future but maaaaan, it's taking them long :0 I love Benedict too ♡ He's such a wonderful actor! Fun fact: My boyfriend used to reeeaaaalllyy dislike him (don't ask me why lol xD) and refused to watch anything with him in it. But after talking him into Dr. Strange, he kinda warmed up to him and we ended up watching all of Sherlock together afterwards (which I tried to get him to watch for the longest time xD).

I was so excited for Widow as well T__T I adore Natasha and the trailer looked so promising >.> (And I need another MCU fix bad xD)

Same! My boyfriend and I were scheduled to travel to Japan in June ×_× We usually go there once a year and I feel really empty now ._. It's definitely more to me than 'just a vacation'. I'm sorry to hear you couldn't go either! I wonder when we will all be able to make plans to travel there again... I hope Japan's number of infections won't go higher, they did so well early during the pandemic >_>

I guess the Loki series will be set after Endgame indeed! I'm not entirely sure since the devs are being super secretive about it xD IIRC it will pick up an alternate timeline that sets in when Loki escaped with the tesseract after the Avengers had travelled back in time to NYC in Endgame. I could be completely wrong though XD Very little is known so far :D

That's so true, there are so many already ×_× Everytime I receive a Nendoroid that's once again a nightmare to set up, parts falling off, won't pose properly etc, I tell myself that this is the last one... and than GSC lures me in with another great character again, they're evil x'D

Ah, I guess you're talking about Seckor Lupe ^___^ Another character I'm totally not familiar with but had to get a figure of xD I loved his cute smirk and the dynamic pose! I believe he's a Vocaloid and his figure is manufactured by HobbyMax :D
6 dager siden
Oh that's interesting that you started Flash first, I remember I was expecting it to be like Arrow when it first started but then it was all bright and silly and I was thrown off lol. But I stuck with it anyway and the characters grew on me, then Reverse-Flash's identity was revealed and I was locked in. I love a good betrayal. XD I really liked Felicity early on too, especially her interactions with Barry! I just liked her more as the awkward dork than the girl that crashes weddings lol. I'm the same with anime, I'd rather wait until it finishes airing unless it's something I'm reeeeally looking forward to. I just don't have the patience to wait seven days for 20-40 minutes. I used to wait all the time though, wonder where that patience went lol. I blame Netflix.

Yeah I'm definitely getting the Black Widow Nendo, just thinking of waiting for her to come out first since all the Marvel Nendos that aren't Spider-Man seem to stick around after release. Speaking of Marvel Nendos, I'm so bummed by how Star-Lord turned out. Not sure how GSC can nail Peter and Tony so well but then drop the ball so badly for the other Peter, it looks nothing like him. And then you have to buy the way overpriced version just to get his mask? WTF?? But at least it's money saved... T_T 30% off for a limited/exclusive item is impressive, your skill at finding deals is admirable! :O And yeah the Hanairogoromo set ended up being so expensive (felt weird paying like 11,000 yen for Len because he's so small and doesn't even come with a tree like Rin lol) but I had to have it because we can never get a full set of the Cryptonloids for some reason. Now just waiting for a Gakupo which will probably never happen. :( Also still bummed that ITEM #669760 was exclusive to China, I wanted her but not enough to go hunting for Chinese proxies or whatever. People outside of China like Chinese Vocaloids too GSC. :(

Yeah I love anime but games have a level of immersion that you can't really get anywhere else, even really simple games can become really important to someone. :D I definitely have a PlayStation bias haha, you can add me if you want! I played some 360 back in the day but the PS exclusives stuck with me more, though that was back when Kingdom Hearts and Yakuza were PS-exclusive. Now it seems like there's not as much of a difference between the consoles, just a few western exclusives and the niche Japanese stuff that keep me around. Spider-Man is one of my favorite games ever, totally not biased. XD And yeah Naruto's getting so many Nendos! When they first got started with Team 7 I didn't think they'd keep going, but I was finally sucked in. D: It's nice to see it getting some recognition though because it's been so long, wouldn't be fair for only the hot new shounen like Boku no Hero and Kimetsu no Yaiba to get a whole slew of Nendos just because the timing is right. The shounen that hooked us on anime back in the day deserve some love too. :D

Btw I know this comment is super long already but I noticed you ordered Akashi a while ago and kept forgetting to say something lol, he's one of the greatest sports anime villains. XD And Sniper Wolf Bishoujo looks sooo cool, I'd be tempted if my December order wasn't so big already. D: Love her boots and the little wolf. <3
6 dager siden
Amen girl xD I couldn't have said it better ^-^ Speaking of scantily clad boys, I finally snatched this guy ITEM #639561 !! I've been kicking myself for missing out on him ever since and for whatever reason he somehow NEVER shows up on any preowned sites whatsoever o_o I'm so glad to finally have found him *-*

I apologize for not getting back to you ealier btw >.> I was so caught up with work the past week, I hardly checked MFC at all ;_;

Concerning the MCU, my absolute favourites are Loki and Dr. Strange ♡♡ But Ironman and Spider-Man are right behind them ^-^ I agree on the father-son dynamic!! It was such a good move! I'm really excited to see how Tom Holland's Spider-Man is gonna develop in the future - I'm loving that franchise so far ♡ Of course, I'm impatiently waiting for the LOKI series tho *______* That's like a dream coming true, so much Loki screen time xD I hope the show will do him justice and that the wait won't be too long anymore (considering that Covid probably slow downed and postponed a lot of productions ×_× Where is the Black Widow movie btw <.>)

I'm a little torn on ITEM #1020926 - it's another easy cash grab for sure... but I abviously need him xD I wish Wong was a little better designed but I like the accessories overall and I'm weak anyway lol -_- There are still so many MCU Nendoroids for me to pick up (and I don't even want to buy Nendos anymore ×_×) Are you collecting all of them? Or are you focussing more on your favourites? :)
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You have me beat, I think I watched maybe the first four or five seasons of Arrow as they aired and then the first two seasons of Flash. Hahaha that sounds like Barry though. XD Arrow was one of my favorite shows on TV for a while, but at a certain point I didn't really like the direction the story was going in, like I remember it was teased that maybe Thea would go to the dark side at the end of a season, but then months of waiting later that was kinda hand-waved away as her father manipulating her. Then there was also the evolution of Felicity's character (I think I saw that she crashed Barry's wedding with her own proposal to Oliver??), I hear it got better in a later season though, so I should probably go back to it? And I never had an issue with Flash but it kind of got dropped by association, sorry Barry. ^^' It would probably be easier to binge than wait every week for an episode at least. Like if I watched Agents of Shield when it first aired I probably would've gotten impatient since the buildup would've taken weeks, but I binged it so I got to enjoy a quick payoff. XD

I don't think Disney has said anything about dates for Black Widow, or even a vague window. :( I wanted to see Taskmaster in the MCU nooooo. I was really curious how Mulan would turn out too. On a more positive note I noticed you ordered winter Spider-Man, omg so cute with the leg warmers. *w* I remember debating whether I should get that one since I already had the original, just too tempting.

Exactly! Just seems like everyone else is constantly keeping up with the seasonal releases while I'm always struggling to catch up lol. Like does no one else need a break from time to time?? To be fair I fall behind on the latest game releases too but usually that'll be because I'm playing older releases or just sinking too much time into one of my favorites lol. Be careful with the Nendos, I didn't really like them when I first started collecting them and now I have way too many. D: I think their cheapness compared to scales just makes them easier for me to impulse buy, but then they start to add up... And then the final nail in the coffin is their cute little mochi faces. x_x I just wish Camus would be nicer to my boy Cesshi haha, I like his sweet tooth though (I have this poster of him and Cecil with tea and Camus' teacup is literally a pile of sugar cubes lol) and his voice is so good omg, I like pretty much all of his songs. XD
9 dager siden
Haha aww, heart filler. XD Yeah in some cases filler is good because it just gives you more of the characters...but One Piece filler is so bad lol. Some of the worst filler I've seen in a shounen tbh, I wanted to give an early filler arc a chance but I couldn't even get through it. It even contradicts itself later because it involves a dragon or something and later on in a canon arc, Zoro says something like "I don't believe in dragons" even though he saw one... I guess he wanted to forget too hahaha. Some filler episodes are passable but the series has so many episodes, I'd just recommend skipping them all. If you're open to torrenting then there's a shortened version called One Pace that cuts all the filler, but I'm too lazy so I just start skipping if it looks like it's gonna suck lol.

That's messed up. D: I actually haven't checked out any of the DC shows (aside from the CW ones like Arrow and Flash) so I'm wasting my privilege here lol, if you have any recommendations, let me know as always. :D I'll check out the comic too since I'm sick of waiting for the show, need my Marvel fix. Really bums me out that we should've gotten the Black Widow movie by now. :(

Omg I'm the same, I took a break from anime for a couple of years and only got back into it like late last year. I was just more focused on games and I ended up feeling really out of the loop on all the new anime talk, but yaaay it wasn't just me. XD I see you ordered some Haikyuu Nendos, slippery slope! Hinata's so cute though so I can see why you caved. >w< Him and Tsukki were hardest to resist for me...and Bokuto for some reason lol, can't get enough of him. Syo was actually my favorite before Cecil was introduced, now he has my heart lol. I'm a sucker for the genki so I guess Cecil/Otoya/Reiji would be my top three but yeah I like all of them, even Camus who I'm eh on personality-wise has some of my favorite songs... So I can't really dislike him either. XD
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At least you have experience with long shounen? ^^' The different arcs keep the show really fresh at least since the crew's always traveling to very different locations and dealing with all the different mysteries. Each arc contributes something to the overarching mystery too, which is simple on the surface (wth even is the One Piece?) but gets pretty spooky as more details are revealed (lost civilization, a segment of history that's just blank, a corrupt world government that attempts to cover all this up, etc.). But I'll stop talking it up since you've probably heard enough about it from your friend lol.

Oh wow, what the hell Disney? Is there a date for it yet? I've mostly only used Disney+ for rewatching old stuff so you're not missing out on much at least. I'm assuming it'll be up by the time the Marvel shows come around but if not then probably best to pirate everything, they'd have it coming lol. I have no idea if they're basing it on a comic, I wasn't even aware there was a comic like that! Now I'm tempted to read it. Btw reading Young Justice and wondering why we haven't gotten a Bishoujo of Amethyst in this style, she looks like an anime character. Gimme the pink princess Koto.

Haha reminds me of when I spoiled the end of Half-Blood Prince for my sisters because we all had to share a copy and I was the first one to read it. When something that big happens, it's hard not to share it. XD Do you mean you just started the fourth season or the whole series? Surely not the whole series?? That's too much volleyball to binge lol. But I'm caught up on Haikyuu toooo, such a cute show. I'm a sucker for sports anime though. Seems like the figure gods are smiling on you between Nightwing and Ai lol, only a matter of time now before the other boys fall into your hands. XD Do you have a favorite UtaPri guy?
12 dager siden
lol I totally understand that, I put it off for a long time just because the size of it is too intimidating. I started watching the anime when there were like 600 episodes which felt horrifying at the time... But now there's like 900+?? It's so worth getting into because it's amazing but its size will never not be scary. XD I was close to catching up so I took a break and now I'm like 200 episodes behind again haha. Just go at your own pace if you ever get around to it, and remember that there are (bad) filler arcs and skippable recaps, so that number should be smaller... And keep tissues handy. :'D

Haha I wouldn't mind a little age gap but I need Peter to get out of high school at least. XD He's still a baby spider. And yeah Venom did so well financially so I doubt Sony ever lets go of him. :( It would be nice if Disney could just buy Sony like they bought Fox out but I guess that would be scary in a different way lol. Are you planning on watching the Disney+ shows too like Falcon and Winter Soldier? Feel like I've been waiting for them forever by this point lol.

I don't wanna spoil anything but yeah, it gets pretty crazy. I spoiled a lot of it for myself beforehand (including the Armin thing lol) but the big twist at the end of season 3 really blindsided me. Dark stories aren't usually my thing but in this case it's hard not to appreciate the writing, just too good. Eren/Armin makes more sense to me than Eren/Levi, which I see everywhere. Should be Levi/Erwin. :P But now you can look out for Jean/Armin too. ;P EDIT: I forgot to say that seems like a really good price for Ai! :O I'd assume he's the rarest since he's so popular.
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