Be proud of your inner child
Good Quality Figure Collector,never buy the hype
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Very nice collection! *-*
3 år siden
Hey thanks for the friend request! Hope we get along
3 år siden
Thank you! Amazing collection you have.
3 år siden
IvanStrife1234 år siden#26838044Thanks for FR, I must say that you have great taste and awesome collection ;)
Thanks for accepting FR,i apologize for the late reply.Thank you on complimenting my collections.Your collection are awesome too!i realised we have alot collection in common too!ʚ(*´꒳`*)ɞ
4 år siden
Thanks for FR, I must say that you have great taste and awesome collection ;)
4 år siden
cgcheok4 år siden#21051570Thanks for the FR!
Awesome collection you have there mate!That Captain Marvel Premium Formate looks really good,gratz on that too!

Thank you very much!! :D Love yours collection too! Yeah C. Marvel is my Sideshow fav. She's so fantastic :-)
4 år siden
cgcheok4 år siden#18895199Thanks for the FR!
You have beautiful page and awesome collections!

Thanks! Your collection is awesome too, especially the bishoujo. I see you around the site as a fellow bargain hunter so thought I would FR. :)
4 år siden
cgcheok4 år siden#18421672Thank you for the FR,i didnt figure out how to accept FR untill just now

No problem, thanks for accepting the FR!.
4 år siden
Thanks so much for the FR! Also thanks for letting me know about Nin-Nin, I don't think I will be going with them to get Mumei.
4 år siden
cgcheok5 år siden#16507795http://pa1.narvii.com/5847/735c464a7d268ed22e71bd7026b92deb9c7a7341_hq.gif
Dankje! ^_^

Was eigenlijk 3 dec jarig maar op MFC gaat momenteel iets mis met de notificaties vgm
5 år siden
Be proud of your inner child

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