«More Granblue Fantasy figures when???»
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Om Meg

A big gamer. Life is too short for games AND other stuff, so I focus most of my (free time in) life playing games in Japanese.

Currently not really buying many figures anymore, just putting down lots of preorders :p

Favorite figure makers are Alter and Good Smile Company. /generic tastes
MOE Poeng
Aquaplus, Vira, Altina

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I can't seem to message you, but is your Naotora figure available?
1 dag siden
Happy Birthday!!! I hope everything is going well over there! ^ ^
6 måneder siden
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MS COOKIE ON FIRE!! Another year wishing you well!!! Here's the cutest Cookie Monster I could find online for you!! =D

6 måneder siden
cookie_on_fire (8 måneder siden) #22317794If you're old, what does that make me? XD
Life is not too bad. What about you?

You are always the good old cookie-oneesan that I know since day one! XD

Life is neither good nor bad for me so I'm somewhere in the middle. My hands are itchy on getting new figures besides getting tired of grinding from Ys VIII. :p I'm still looking at that particular Yuuki Asuna figure from GSC that will be released some time in January next year. ^ ^
7 måneder siden
Monday would be the day but thank you very much!!! :) Once again, I'm feeling old! T^T

How's life treating you lately? :)
8 måneder siden
Lazuli Sailor Muteki
Your Kantai Collection has truly inspired me to keep a close eye on the Touken Ranbu series
1 år siden
You are getting old fast! Please hang in there... you still have a long way to go! (kidding) :p

I hope you'll enjoy every last ounce of fun today! Perhaps you should tell your coworkers to buy you some Nendoroids as birthday presents! XD
1 år siden
cookie_on_fire (48 år siden)Haha, that image made me chuckle a bit :P
Thank you! (Although you're a day early lol)
What? A day early you say? Blame MFC! It said TODAY was your bday! Maybe different time zones? I dunno! Oh well! Better early than late? =D
1 år siden
HAPPY BIRTHMAS MS COOKIE ON FIRE!!! Hope you have a good one on your special day and get spoiled with lots and lots of presents and figures and flaming cookies and junk and stuff!! =D

1 år siden
Just realized that the alternate (should be original) version of Kirika is already out. (*゚ロ゚) Why can't they release that version first instead?!! >.< I'm not buying her again since there's no point (even though the coloring looks great). XD

I have to put a hold on collecting more figures because of the current exchange rate between USD and JPY. If it doesn't get any better soon then I think this hobby might be over for me. (´;︵;`)
1 år siden
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