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--Looking to sell most of my figures, message me if you're in the US and interested in buying any of them.--

I used to collect figures of Rei but now I have too many of them.
right now my favorites are villainess types and mecha musume

many thanks to pseudonymous for my wedding dress version Mizuho~


doktorJust saw you on America's Greatest Otaku- love your collection! You seem like a pretty awesome guy, too. Hope you win.
Thank you very much! lol they cut out soooooo much from that video! They didn't even go through the dvds and manga sections! lol
9 år siden
Just remembered you days ago. Managed to buy a DD Rei with Maid outfit. The standart eyes are something off, but I can easily change them with a more effective red eyes. The doll can easily match a Kos-Mos customization too. My first Rei.
10 år siden
Thanks for your Comment. You have a Really big Rei Collection. ^^
10 år siden
doktorImpressive and lovely Rei collection you've got going there, fellow Rei fanatic! <3 Mind if I add you based on shared character-love?
Thanks. Sure. You can add me.
10 år siden
doktorActually, main reason I want the wedding dress one is because wedding dresses are kind of a moe point for me, haha. Particularly with how beautiful Mizuho looked in her wedding dress in the anime... <3

That one seems to be on eBay right now (I went looking for my Tanaka one. I couldn't find it) here in the UK for, um, $26. Box damage, apparently. It claims it's by S-MIST, but I've (recently) had bootlegs that have claimed to be genuine, too.

Still, being a UK seller, I'd imagine it's legit.

She looks better with the full dress rather than the mini-skirt version, I think. Still, anything is better than her in a swimsuit. I am tired of seeing Mizuho in a swimsuit... and who'd have thought anyone would ever write something like that? ._.

Something about her face in the official shots looks a little off - but she looks a lot better in the photo that Rui-chan uploaded, so maybe it's one of those cases than the production models actually looking better than the original sculpt.

Verily: who knoweth what mayeth be thy case...th? :3
10 år siden
doktor How'd I manage to misread 'Yamato' as 'Kotobukiya'? Well, that's embarrassing. It's the Yamato one that I meant to be talking about. Which one are you thinking of?
Aha! Her swimsuit is actually white with red trim on the one I have (and she's collecting dust now I look at her closely, which won't do at all!), so I must have a variant or something.

She's not a bootleg, I'm sure of that.

And I don't know. I think the larger Kotobukiya ones are the only ones that do her justice. All the other ones just seem to be off when it comes to the finer points: her hair is lacking details, or it's the wrong color, or her face doesn't look right, or her expression makes her look like an entirely different character, you know?

So we'll see. She's way down on my "wish" list, but one day, Mizuho... one day. :3
10 år siden
doktorWelcome to My Figure Collection from a fellow Onegai Teacher fan. That Kotobukiya Mizuho is really lovely, I'm envious. <3

You mean the trading figure one? Kotobukiya has managed to pack a lot of detail in such a little figure, which is pretty impressive!

Originally I thought I had the limited edition convention one, but no such luck.

I'm more fond of the Yamato one I have, personally, but I do like the trading figure as well. One of these days I'm going to have to do Mizuho justice and get myself a decent 1/6 scale statue of her, or something.

One more to add to the wish list, I guess. ;_;
10 år siden
doktorTyrkhaelI'm curious about your love for Ayanami Rei, can you tell anything about it? Would love to read your answer. Long ago, like 13 years ago, I used to like Evangelion too. I wasn't a hardcore fan but i liked it as a new concept of sci-fi anime. Really loved the monsters and machinery design.

In response to your last comment, I'm into moe stuff as well, haha. An odd combination, I suppose.

Oh, absolutely. I'll explain what I can, at least.
I guess at some point while I was watching Evangelion for the first time I started liking her a lot as a character, and then... well, I'm not sure how to phrase this without sounding crazy, but when I saw her on screen I felt like I wanted to protect her. I loved that she was so cold and distant and seemed so far from human, but then that she had weaknesses like her feelings for Gendou and would sometimes react emotionally like a regular girl.
It's hard to explain, but looking at all my figures of her makes me really happy, too.

Sorry if the response was too long or not really what you were hoping for, haha.
Are there any characters you feel strongly about?

Also, if you saw Evangelion when you were younger, I highly suggest that you re-watch it at some point [at least the second half]. It's great as a mecha show as well, but what I really love it for is the psychological content.
Yes, it would be a nice experience watching Evangelion again after all these years. Long ago when I first saw Rei I thought she was a bit creepy and thus I liked her. But that creepy side slowly fainted over the series...maybe when Rei started showing the signs of a mother. Hum... characters I like from japanese world... I could list many of them... but let me select five among them: Al Azif, Tomoe Hotaru (Sailor Saturn), Eve/Konjiki no Yami (Black Cat and later on ToLoveRu), Gore Screaming Show and Sagara Sousuke (Full Metal Panic - I like the villain Gauln too, very badass). When I see Eve/Konjiki no Yami I detect some characteristics I liked at Ayanami Rei, like always being alone and trying to protect their beloved ones. So I can say Eve is for me what Rei is for you.
10 år siden
I'm curious about your love for Ayanami Rei, can you tell anything about it? Would love to read your answer. Long ago, like 13 years ago, I used to like Evangelion too. I wasn't a hardcore fan but i liked it as a new concept of sci-fi anime. Really loved the monsters and machinery design.
10 år siden
doktorAaah, your collection is really impressive. <3

And it's so awesome to see another guro fan on here! I haven't played Gore Screaming Show, but I do love the CG set from it.
Mind if I add you?
It would be a pleasure. So we share a bound with the horror! Very nice indeed! I love horror and grotesque stuff as I love moe/cute. Kind of a complete opposite love but I'm chaotic as that anyway...
10 år siden
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