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Hi. :) I saw your comment on a blog post that seemed like it was about Japanese customs/culture, but sort of ended up more about one silly question that the author seemed strangely fixated on, so, I'm not sure if you got any good information from that.

I'm no expert, and only went to Japan for 2 weeks last year, and am returning for another 2 weeks this March-April, but I made many observations.
1. They are very clean. No littering. Ever.
2. They are very humble and respectful. A commenter on that blog post said that she received strange looks for saying "thank you" to cashiers...I have no idea where in Japan she was because that is the norm, in fact, they will try to one-up you with saying thank you to get the last word in there. You can be thanked up to 6 or 7 times just for buying a sandwich at a conbini. They are very, very respectful.
3. The Japanese do not make a lot of noise on the train. No cell phone talking, no loud conversations, even on the most crowded train cars, it is still very peaceful.
4. Foreigners do stick out, as it is such a homogeneous society, even with the influx of tourists there (keep in mind, many of their tourists are from China, Korea, and other Asian countries, so, they do not stand out as much). I see you're from the Philippines...if you appear more Asian than ethnic, you probably won't have to worry about being stared at. I received many looks, but they were not obvious or jarring. I took it as a compliment because they were interested in something different.
5. In terms of male-female interaction in public, they are not into PDA and the women, as attractive as most of them are, are not street harassed. Japanese men are known for being perverted, but this is very much suppressed and hidden, and people have a lot of self control in public. In terms of the couples/dates I did observe, again, not a lot of PDA and I saw several examples of dates that looked like a group outing, where the guy brought along two friends and the girl brought along one friend (I saw that same scenario four times while dining out). Not sure what the culture is like in your country, but in the US,especially in NYC, men are very vocal in bothering women and people are not shy when they are out with their sweetie. It was the total opposite in Japan.

Right now, I can't think of anything else, but I did a ton of people watching and question asking, and visited 5 prefectures, so, I got some decent exposure to some cultural norms for the short time I was out there. There are some videos on youtube that speak of modern customs, etc. that can also be really helpful and helped me to prepare before going. If I can find the ones that I watched, I'll send the links, if you're interested.

Anyway, have fun. Not sure when you're visiting, but if it's in the spring, I do hope you get there in time for the cherry blossoms. They are beyond beautiful, especially when they "snow" down and cover you.
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Exclusive anime goods from Japan!

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