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Om Meg

I love anime and I love collecting my Favourite character from my shows and my favourite illustration for example Sei shoujo ,Ban, Akiamare , Unbanis , mofuringu

Feel free to check out my profile and send me an Fr or Pm anytime


Thank you Erza! I hope you are staying safe and healthy too :)
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Kaneel on Ice

i'm afraid i haven't heard anything about that event nor in regards to where you can view it.
If you have a site with informations you could try asking in the translation thread for help to pinpoint what you're looking for.
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Thank you for accepting my friend request. I likewise find it a pleasure to converse with people who share the same tastes particularly when they involve a small "niche" within a hobby that itself already only appeals to a niche audience.

The Ban demon-girl is also at the top of my wish list.

I also would be quite enthused were any of the following pieces to be used as the basis for new Ban! figures. (NSFW)

This "Set/Suetekh" inspired futanari is simply gorgeous in her imperious and regal demeanor.danbooru.donmai...

ITEM #826097 is appealing because of the framing. Strained clothing/bathing suits makes for a wonderful image.

[danbooru.donmai... Though there is no chance for this pair, and the artwork is more of an underdeveloped, the contrast between colours and skin-tones between the two, along with their paired poses, would make for a striking display piece.

Those would be the four illustrations at the top of my wish list for future productions.

Cheers, and may you continue to enjoy the hobby.
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Kaneel on Ice
Hi, in regards to the mogudan announcements, those are not figure announcements but for cushion covers with silicon inlays from Orchid Seed.
If you scroll further down in the article they show some more examples.
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Thank you erza1! : )
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Lol I hope so too! Thanks :)
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Thank you so much!
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Thank you! :3
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Thanks erza1, I appreciate it ^_^
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Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.

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one piece,Bleach ,horror ,highschool dxd ,highschool of the dead and Echhi