• I know this hobby is over for you but I hope you're doing well! Do you have any outside social medias you talk to people on? I'd like to keep in contact unless MFC acquaintances are "bleh" to you.
    22 dager siden
    View spoilerHide spoilerI do have her on my wish list, so I am looking forward to her! ^_^ It's a little risky, but I am waiting when early photos come out from Chinese collectors. I've noticed the earliest photos of newer Myethos figures come from Hpoi. (Chinese MFC) I am also being careful when collecting scales.
    Edit: With the increase of demand, I guess I won't wait too long. Such a shame she is China exclusive. :( I am sure I won't regret her though. Coming from someone who was happy with the Little Mermaid and Stardust. :)
    1 måned siden
    My pleasure!
    2 måneder siden
    Thank you very much I also enjoy your reviews and project articles. Just got several figures at once after a drought and got over excited. Usually am the lurker type but I thought why not participate a little :)
    2 måneder siden
    Hello! Sorry I keep replying late, I work until 10pm where I live and can only use mfc mobile at work (which is a bit clunky on my phone;;) so I have to wait until I get home to respond properly. You have my apologies for any inconvenience this may cause ;;
    2 måneder siden
    Chibi-Jibs Cosmic Mermaid
    Tonight was a might rough but I'm okay :) How are you?
    2 måneder siden
    No worries! I figured you've been busy. Hopefully you're doing well too. Good luck on wrapping up your class.
    2 måneder siden
    Wow, you're only a year older than me? That's so cool!!

    Hope you've been doing well, my dear!
    2 måneder siden
    Going to respond to your earlier message.

    Thank you for answering! I am having a day off tomorrow, which gives me time to finally check out the figure.

    I hope you have fun! I've been to Japan as an airport and rest stop when I was 7 on my trip to The Philipines. I sadly never got to go into the city. Maybe saw the city in a car ride, but my memory is foggy. Only stayed at a hotel to rest. My most cherished memory is getting a Happy Meal coin purse from McDonalds inside the airport. It was a Cinnaminroll one (Sanrio character) and I got a good use out of it! My mom sadly gave it away along with my other sentimental toys during my pre-teen years. Luckily, I found some on Mercari as I am writing this message!

    That's very cute. <3 Wish you luck for being with your future boyfriend.
    2 måneder siden
    Yeah I do agree, I guess though I can be pretty picky about figures. But thank you and have a wonderful night too!
    2 måneder siden
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