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Where did she go??? I'm hurting...Where are you? T_T
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Your inbox is full. Is CLASSIFIED #99794 still available?
1 år siden
Is the dark magician cu-poche ITEM #118000 still for sale? I tried to PM but inbox was full.

2 år siden
The idol shirts are re-released I think? Check this out: 0321monsters.th...
5 år siden
jubeininja695 år siden#2583474Thanks. I wish you success and happiness as well for 2015. All I want for 2015 is a promotion at my job. If it doesn't come, then happiness is fine with me. :)
I think you can definitely do it. With hard work, determination, and focus you can definitely get a promotion :)
5 år siden
Hi, I just want to wish you a Happy New Year!
Hope that 2015 brings more fortune and happiness, as well as more luck if you are still collecting anime T-shirts.
5 år siden
Thanks for the FR :)
6 år siden
this really has to end. i cant take it anymore
6 år siden
best if i just cut you completely. i will delete this account so that you will never ever find me again
6 år siden
you better take a close look at yourself before condemning me.
6 år siden
Hello, I'm interested in buying Madoka nendo. :)
6 år siden
Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.

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