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the mmo game i used to play Lucent heart made me get into nendoroids more when i saw nendoroid Theia
i'm a girl and i'm not into Yaoi and Yuri , just boy x girl romance harem ecchi comedy etc and i'm more into anime girls than boys but it doesnt mean i'm a lesbian i'm straight LOL
if ever i like anime guys ...its Roy mustang
tooru amuro <3
i love collecting nendoroid more ever since i join the "waifu" stuff and lost interest dating a real guy :v 10/10 will buy only girls i love gonna make my own Yuri harem for myself and remember ROMANCE IS NOT THE ONLY HAPPINESS BECAUSE YOU CAN FIND DIFFERENT KIND OF HAPPINESS and waifus/nendoroids is my ultimate happiness <3
thats all :v -walks away-


Mitsuna リトルバスターズ最高!
Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a wonderful day (*´ω`*)
2 år siden
still active in this acc! but not much anymore i'll be active mostly on my new acc so i'll add some my friends here again
2 år siden
nikkoda HiME
Thanks for the FR! To make a list go here list/ and then go to whatever items you wanna link. To feature on your profile go to your Settings > My profile and scroll down until you see 'List #1' and make sure you have it enabled.
2 år siden
Hi! For the MFC gif i first upload my gif to the image hosting site MFC recommends. Then once you get the URL from that site you insert it in between [img] ___ [/img] and it should work. Hope this helps! haha
2 år siden
kyuulink3 år siden#24965121hello! can i ask a request? if you can picture Kato ,Remo kotori looks like together in GSC? the one in your prev pic if its ok? ><; just need it for my reddit cover recently made a reddit for nendoroid news/etc

Here you are flic.kr/p/XKR87... ^^
Kotori you mean Minami Kotori right?
3 år siden
kyuulink3 år siden#24813014happy birthday!
Thank you so much ^^
3 år siden
lightningmaid 不思議な
kyuulink3 år siden#24476374hello nice to meet you! thx for the accept on FR xD i can see you like kato too? :3

Yes! Yes! Especially after last season, she was absolutely adorable!
3 år siden
Thank you for the FR
3 år siden
lightningmaid 不思議な
Thank you for the FR!

I'm so jealous of your Kato Megumi figures. :o
3 år siden
Hi there!! :D Thank you for the FR ♡
I see you love Amuro!
Love your nendoroid collection *o*
3 år siden
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