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Om Meg

Hey there, I'm Cleo! I've been collecting for over 5 years now and am back to being active after leaving the collector world for a bit. Currently I'm unemployed due to you-know-what, but am hoping to get back to pastry work soon. In my spare time I'm painting, embroidering, building a new pc, and maybe some keyboards. I also play a ton of bandori and t7s while I rewatch every Ghibli movie, and maybe even some Inuyasha :P I'm autistic and avoidant, please be patient with me!
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attention buyers!attention buyers!Hi! If you're eyeballing any of my ads and have any basic questions about my items/how I ship/when I ship it'll be here!

I will not sell to anyone with an account younger than 3 months unless I know you personally.

I know some of my prices seem a little sketchy because they're so low. I assure you everything is as listed and I own 0 bootlegs. My prices are so cheap because I really need these items gone. My collection is getting mentally overwhelming for me because I do not have the space to keep everything. I apologize for lowballing but I am genuinely getting pushed out of my own room at this point, and am basically giving figures away for the price it takes me to ship them.

I will try my best to get items shipped same day/day after, if I'm unable to I'll tell you when I will ship.

I only accept paypal. I will pay the fees.

i love all might45


Om Oss

Pastry Chef
Shows (currently): Ash vs Evil Dead
Books (currently): ?!?!?!?!?!
Games (currently): Bandori, Tokyo 7th Sisters, CGSS, SIFAS, RDR2
MOE points: fangs, ahoge, dark hair, long hair, clowns
Computer: Intel i5-6600K, GTX 1070, 16gb RAM, 144hz monitor
Discord: froggy#0303