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Are you still selling ITEM #156869? Your inbox is full...

How much are you willing to sell her for?
5 år siden
Hi, I know your ad is old, but I'm interested on buying your C-Style Petit Eva Ayanami Rei in the white swimsuit. Are you still selling her? Thanks.
5 år siden
Hi! Your inbox is full but I'm interested in your C-style Asuka figure in the red swimsuit. If you're still selling her, please PM me~
6 år siden
Hi, your inbox is full but i jsut wanted to tell you that i am interested in your griffith figure
6 år siden
Hello notice your inbox being full but i would be interested on buying

Black ★ Rock Shooter - Nendoroid - 106 (Good Smile Company) :D is it still available?
6 år siden
Inbox full :|

But I am still interested in Senjougahara 1/8
6 år siden
Just wondering when you're going to ship Saber Alter. ^^
6 år siden
Do email me @ ha0_asakura@msn.com if you want to sell your One Piece Styling ZORO.
6 år siden
Hey, do at least let me know if you're keen on selling or not ty.
6 år siden

Yes I'm still interested in P.O.P Chopper edition-Z ^^
Is it possible to send me pictures of box and figure please?
6 år siden
PVC anime figure store.

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