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Om Meg

Everybody is good!
I am a novice photographer from China, my English is poor.
If failed to timely reply I'm very sorry, because English is really poor
But I still hope can exchange and study together with everybody.
Here I'll update slowly

My personal website is: weibo.com/21694...


Your pictures are so beautiful
3 måneder siden
Hello! I really like your pictures, your work is impressive. I would love to be able to take such beautiful pictures. Keep on the good work!
11 måneder siden
happy birthday!
11 måneder siden
Kamiosu Harem Master
happy birthday
11 måneder siden
Your photos are amazing! I just followed your IG ^^~
1 år siden
Your screen is incredible! Anyway, great work!
1 år siden
Display equipment... The screen? You put the figure in front of the screen and take the picture?
Sorry for the questions, I love to learn new techniques. Don't worry, my English is not very good either!
1 år siden
I'm a photographer too! Wait... the backgrounds are real? Did you built it? Where are you from?
1 år siden
I will look for you. I am very impressed by your pictures. You really know what you are doing. They are very clean, well balanced and very impressive. The integration with the background is great. Congratulations. So... have you been doing this for a long time?
1 år siden
Hello! Fantastic pics! Do you have Instagram?
1 år siden
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