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Om Meg

Video games, anime, and manga comprise the majority of my non-work life. That and (mostly Gundam) model building. Non-anime hobbies include swimming, biking, hiking, and camping.

As you can see from my collection, I'm female. I wish it wasn't so obvious, but what can I say I like my boys. The character types I like the most are oyaji, the straight man/tsukkomi (which has nothing to do with sexual orientation), and the supportive best friend.

I LOVE anime with the underlying/overt theme of 'nakama' - I still get emotional (like f-yeah emotional) when I hear the One Piece character song Family. That's probably why I don't slash as much as I could, being a general fujoshi watching shonen anime lol

I also tend to obsess over series with themes I can relate to. Free!, being about swimming, I picked up right away. In particular I attached myself to Rei Ryuugazaki due to his stroke specialty matching mine :3 I call him my 'stroke brother' for obvious innuendo-y reasons and both my sisters know I intend to create a mini shrine of his merchandise in the near future. Even though Rin is probably my favorite XD Seriously, though, he's my male anime counterpart. Glasses and everything. I'd crossplay him if I wasn't so chicken sh*t lol

The only other series I loved, mostly due to association, was Tsuritama (fishing!). And I haven't watched Yowamushi Pedal yet, but I'll probably like that, too.

I am proud of my collection and I try to limit it to series I love. I enjoy all of my figures immensely, and one day hope to be able to display all of them.

Currently in idol hell. UtaPri (Nacchan, Masayan, Ren) and Ensemble Stars (Arashi) on the boys side, and LL (Nozomi) on the girls. Confession: the only reason I like Ren is because of doujinshi.

Heshikiri Hasebe is love.

Tales of Zestiria is life. Meebo forever <3

I love sites like this and while I tend to be on the stalker-y side of things, drop me a PM and we can talk. I won't bite!
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