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Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!
My Plastic Children
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Sorry about that! Try messaging now, I just cleared some msgs out c:
5 måneder siden
Amazing person to buy from :) very caring, fast and will bubble wrap the heck outta the figures to make sure they get to rest comfortably on the way to you XD Thanks again!
9 måneder siden
Great seller!
Very easy to deal with! Fast shipping and no problems!
Thanks so much for making it so painless!!
1 år siden
Fantastic seller, great communication as well as safe, thoughtful and speedy shipping!
Thanks for the Eli, will take good care of her!
1 år siden
Sent me a dope koujiro frau in perfect condition, packaged with care. 10/10 thanks a billion
1 år siden
Heya there! I just read your comment on my last survey article and I was like, "I think he/she is in my friend list" and I was right! Nice to still see you around :D

Take care!
2 år siden
Great seller!
Very easy to communicate with and prompt with the replies.
Shipping was quite fast, and the packaging is great.
Just received the package today and everything came well protected.

Thank you for selling the miku nendoroids to me.
2 år siden
Great seller! Friendly and easy to communicate with. Snow Miku is mine! Thanks so much!
2 år siden
Hi! Where can I see your selling list?
Edit: I Found it!
2 år siden
Very professional seller! Super easy to communicate with, and very prompt with her replies. Everything was reasonably priced, and shipping was faster than expected! But what really impressed me was the very careful and thorough packaging. My Free! Straps definitely came well protected! I was impressed by the amount of care put in the packaging the moment I opened it. X'D

All in all, I have absolutely no complaints! 10/10 would definitely buy from again if I see something interesting!

What I bought!
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3 år siden
Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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