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Questions about my ads? Pls add my Discord (player-armory#0001)
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added you in Discord CARL#2500
15 dager siden
I purchased Wisteria Lilith from this user and it didnt seem brand new. Figure was super dusty and had no plastic coverings from what ive seen from videos. The entire plastic window on the box was re-glued on. The figure itself is in good condition but due to the layer of dust and missing plastic coverings i dont think it is "unopened".
Im not trying to throw shade on this seller. Definitely not his fault, i think hes great and friendly.
16 dager siden
Hi! Sent a Pm about a figure you're selling (:
16 dager siden
Hello, added you on discord, when you can please add me back, Id like to get information on an item you’re selling.
23 dager siden
Hey, i wrote you on discord bc of 2 figures that u are selling :)
1 måned siden
could be a combination of the two. the leggings is slightly darker but i didn't have my lighting up all the way
7 måneder siden
Superb seller, packing and everything else just good. Thanks!
8 måneder siden
Thanks again for Rindo! She'll be a part of my collection for as long as I have one. You're a fantastic seller!
10 måneder siden
Thank you for the YunYun B-style figure! :)
10 måneder siden
1 år siden

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