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Why am I here?
Well, to put it short because I've always liked both animanga & games and had an affinity to openly show/display what I like. Figures do just that. And collector's editions. And artbooks. And merchandise. Basically anything that revolves around series and characters I like, as long as it fits my aesthetic and my collection/living space.

I bought my first figure when I was about fourteen years old on a convention. I didn't collect much since then, a figure here and there on conventions but not much more. Unfortunately I wasn't born rich so my budget didn't allow me more. What a pity, right?
Well, I graduated from university in 2019 and started seriously collecting ever since then. I'm still not loaded with money but enough so to get a figure or four every month if there's anything that catches my eye.

I pretty much only collect figures of characters I really like. Although I have a weakness for figure lines that match, I won't buy the figures of characters I don't like enough.

Although I used to own a lot of prize figures, I sold most of them and only buy a few every year. Scale figures is where it's at for me mostly - unfortunately my wallet wants to commit sudoku but that's the price you gotta pay. Literally.

I've come to really love and appreciate Nendoroids as of late, especially since they often offer characters that unfortunately don't get other figures ... sad male character noises.

I only buy figmas/action figures when there's really nothing else available as I have a dislike for joints and I'm also too impatient to set these kind of figures up properly and they always fall over orz.

At the moment I own about 40 figures that aren't in the database since they're of western origin. Most of them are from League of Legends, Assassin's Creed and other western games.

I sold a lot of my manga when I was in university because of space reasons but I'm slowly getting back into collecting some titles. The languages I collect in are mostly German and some Japanese which is why you won't find the majority of them in my list. As someone who studied art design, I can't get enough of art and concept books though.

Last but not least - I love interacting with like-minded people so don't hesitate to talk to me. (˃ᆺ˂)
If you wanna check out which animanga/characters I love, check out my anilist.
For more about me or where to find me, click here!

Thanks for checking by. I'm off to sleep or game. ( ⓥωⓥ)





Yep, I am one of those scared bitches and YET I have Resident Evil games. I even started RE7 which is the scariest and I was about to go to the first boss battle but I stopped (more like chickened out lmao) That's a good point, but also worth a shot. XD

OMG EMS! I'm so jealous! Our phantom boy is still out in the middle of the ocean for me... will take 3 months so most likely be September for me AHHAHAHHAHAH I am SUPER curious though, where exactly is his table and chair located in that massive box??? Is it behind him?? I'm going to cry when I get to touch him in December when I finally come home to open all my figures. XD I heard those bunny fig shipping fees goes for 100$ even? I just can't imagine how huge they are. Now granted I've only ever had 1/4 resin statue and those boxes weight like 20kg but I doubt that's how it is for bunny figs since it's PVC and well, just the girls and no other shizz going on around them. One day we're gonna get a Law bunny fig (MAYBE LOOOL)

Oooooh! I am finally starting the Marinefold arc but BUT BEFORE THAT I CRIED LIKE A BITCH WHEN I FOUND OUT ABOUT BON-CHAN'S SACRIFICE. I JUST. OMG T____T I CANNOT HANDLE IT. I'VE ALWAYS LOVED HIM AND NOW THIS... HIS LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP WITH MUGI-CHAN JUST TOUCHES MY HEART. T_T And also BEFORE THAT... I FINALLY MET LAW AND I AM FLOORED. HOLY SHIRTBALLS. THIS MAN'S VOICE IS SO SEXY ??? I JUST?????? I SUDDENLY WENT LOOKING (AGAIN) AT LAW FIGS AND ASIDE FROM OUR SEXY SOC LAW... ITEM #259914 WHY THE HECK IS THIS LIMITED EDITION DAMMIT!!!!!! /PULLS HAIR/ I was talking to my friend who's super obsessed with One Piece and I told her that every time I fall in love with a character, I pause the episode and look for figures and there are so much to choose from that it's so hard AHHAHA I AM SLOWLY BUILDING MY SANJI SHRINE WHICH IS SHOCKING TO ME cause I told myself just 1 figure per character, but NOPE. MY HEART SAID "GO BUY YOUR HUSBAND" OTL Every time I go further into this show, the more I put One Piece figs on my Wish List HAHAHAHHA

I have actually received the Mandarake order I asked them to put in the smallest box. And I was so surprised because IT REALLY IS SO SNUG inside the box that they can't even put anything else on the sides because there's no room? Like those brown Megahouse boxes that fit perfectly for the figure? YEP. Manda did that and yet it was still so expensive? Aomine wasn't even that big. D8<

I agree, I think most of the Character Preowned section is 70% One Piece and I ain't even mad, but I absolutely agree, the ones I usually want are either not there or gets snagged too quickly. OTL BuyFriendMoe tries to alert me but when I click, Ace is gone. TvT I hate it. Some I see on Mandarake but their shipping fee kills me, like for Brook ITEM #20652 alone, shipping was 5k yen? Just?? Mandarake you're making it so hard for me. Maybe one day Amiami will show mercy on us and give us SOC LOOOOL But so far I haven't seen any SOC there... OTL

4 packages??! OMG HAHAHHA Damn. I've only carried like 1 suitcase, and 3 bags full of anime merch during my last trip there before COVID AHHAHA But that's only been made possible because I had to take the figures out of their boxes and fold them, but now I want to keep the box with the blisters intact, so maybe I will do the whole shipping to myself.

UGH YEAH DUDE. What I am so upset about though is that, lately GSC just keeps pumping out PUP and Nendos as if suddenly scales don't exist anymore?? I was so shocked they didn't join the bandwagon of making JJK scales, but instead did PUP?? I tried very hard to resist all those beautiful PUP boys cause I told myself "THEY SMOL AND UGLY BASES SO NOPE." Really makes me wonder if Orange Rouge would produce more that isn't from Touken Ranbu T_T OMG WHAT IF ALTER ONE DAY, SHOWS THE FULL COLOURED PROTOTYPE AND AT THE SAME TIME OPENS PREORDERS DFSDFSFDSDF JFC IMMA CRY AHHAHAHHAHA
10 måneder siden
Worst case scenario I could always just watch a youtube video of the whole game :D I'm grateful to all the people who actually upload their playthroughs cause I can't imagine playing Resident Evil without knowing all the scary shit first HAHAHAHA I'm a scaredy cat so I'd like to be prepared if my heart can handle it XD

OH GOD. I got to pay for our phantom boy already. It was almost 4k yen shipping and I'm such a peasant I chose Surface Parcel and used up my points to save even more bringing it down to 1,231 yen. He was already expensive and I'm still annoyed why the box is so unnecessarily big. But hey at least, he is coming... maybe after 3 months imma just hope he doesn't die at sea HAHAHAH How about you? How much did you pay for his shipping? OMG. Zoro or Sanji in bunny outfits IMMA CRY TOO TvT Imagine their annoyed faces lmao well mostly for Zoro cause we all know Sanji would have his flirty face XD Such wasted opportunity of those ED outfits, maybe one day a miracle will happen and some company will see the light that they be "HEY LETTUCE MAKE OUR FIGURES DIFFERENT EY??!!" /throws monies

I absolutely agree their voices are so sexy, it fits so well! AHHAHAHA Just letting you know that I finished the Water 7 / Enies Lobby arc and I cried so hard like a bitch when Merry had to die T___T And the Usopp and Luffy breakup left me in a million pieces I didn't know how to move on OTL But mostly Merry, like as amazing as Sunny is... Merry was just something else T__T Well I don't know much about Sunny yet as I'm only starting the haunted mansion arc or so I'd like to call it AHHAHAHA I'm not even sorry with the amount of One Piece on my wishlist LMAOO I finally got to grab Stronghold Sanji and finally Marimo this morning!! I'm so happy I've been so patient because I didn't wanna pay Mandarake's 4k yen Zoro... Amiami only had him for 2,780 so I've never clicked something so fast in my life! As you already know the SOC ones are the HOLY GRAILS so aside from that, ITEM #221019 ever since Ace appeared I fell in love with him and I think this is his best figure ;__; I want it so bad but I want to pay for him below 10k yen if possible and ITEM #728451 THIS IS JUST SO GORGEST I CANNOT FATHOM HOW MUCH I WANT IT T_____T But he's not... anywhere OTL If you randomly saw these two, please let me know OTL There are so many OP figs to choose from gah!

My last Mandarake order I actually took your advice and added a note to use a box that would just fit the figure box, now I am not sure if they understood that as I still got a huge shipping fee which is dumb cause I don't think the box is even THAT big... OTL We shall see when I receive it if they really did their best to use a smaller box this time.

Speaking of Amiami Preowned, ever since I've watched One Piece, I've seen such a huge influx of preowned figures from the show and honestly I am loving it? But I wonder if that has always been the case (I only go to the CHARACTER section for the preowned as that's where all the boys are categorized lool) or maybe I'm just so aware of One Piece now that I can finally recognize and relate to it that I take notice? /rubs chin/ XD

The second the world goes "BYE COVID Y'ALL CAN GO BACK TO YOUR NORMAL LIVES" I will instantly rebook my Japan ticket no questions asked HAHAHAHAHHA

OMG since you have the Promare PUP, did you see they are releasing ones that are black and white?? And I'm just ??? WHO ASKED FOR THESE?? FSDFSDFDF I don't understand anymore LOOL And YEAH they could've just given us a clear acrylic ones like those in their prototypes. Just. WHO THOUGHT OF THESE UGLY BASES? EXCUSE ME SIR I'D LIKE A WORD. And there are so many new PUP announcements from GSC that I wonder if they even care making scales anymore OTL Like please, make JJK scales that aren't in their uniforms. Heck, I'd take a Yuuji figure with his cute adorable yellow jacket from the first episode. OTL Agreed on Joker AHHAHAHA I hope I would hate the Alter one too so I don't have to get him AHHAHAHAHAHHA But most of his scales just look so good that... my fingers keep slipping XD
11 måneder siden
hiii !! <33 thank you so much for accepting as well >__<
11 måneder siden
Oh! I see, noted! And yeah, I love how the art style is so consistent throughout the game. The Persona 3 main character really caught my eye. His whole look is just my aesthetics :)) Is Persona 3 good too like 4?

Our Phantom Figure has moved to May... again lmao I wouldn't be shocked it will be released December 2022 AHHAHAHAH Nonetheless as long as it's a great figure I don't mind the delays cause it means I don't have to pay right now, however at the same time I don't wanna think about my future payment. I have reached that point in my life that I want to pay all my preorders so I don't spend the money I'm supposed to allot for them. OTL IKR. I kept seeing this one bunny guy and I legit said "Sorry, I don't like bunny men but I swear to anything holy if they make a Gojo Satoru or Nanami Kento bunny... THEN MAYBE. MAYBE I MIGHT GET." AHHAHAHA Okay but imagine, Gojo in a suit, heck he doesn't even need damn bunny ears, I just want him in a suit lmao I hope one day we're gonna get figures of JJK in their ED1 clothes :'( Cause Yuuji looks adorable in yellow <3

OH MY GOD THOSE ONE PIECE FIGURES!! Holy shit. Okay, okay, SO! Good news! I FINALLY STARTED ONE PIECE AND LET ME TELL YOU I DID NOT EXPECT TO LIKE IT SO MUCH?? Granted I'm only like ep 20 so far BUT I AM LOVING IT! Since Zoro is the only man currently eye candy at the moment, I am attached to him BUT I AM SO READY TO MEET TO OTHERS T__T I'm so happy for you that you got that sexy Law in a chair T__T He looks so hot there sdfsadf Honestly, out of everyone I think he looks the best <3 I mean they all look great but still! NOW IDK WHICH ONE OF THEM I MIGHT OFFER MY SOUL FOR AS I HAVENT MET EVERYONE YET ;__; My friend said after Usopp (who is also bae I cried when he said his goodbye to the lil kiddos MY POOR HEART) Imma meet Sanji! So I'm ready to meet this man. XD

Oh I was not aware that Mandarake can use smaller boxes if you asked them :O Now I will definitely message them if it is possible as their boxes are always so huge compared to what's inside it's insane XD Altho Surugaya is still the worse lmao I had this ITEM #364112 shipped to my friend in Japan and OMFG: imgur.com/iuOiO... BUT IT ONLY HAS THIS imgur.com/8D9Bw... HAHAHA I don't understand Japan at all LOL Why waste such a huge box on something small XDDD

I saw that Kizuna figure again at Amiami preowned section but someone beat me to it when I have finally decided that I want to get her after 5 hours LOL sdfasdf ONE DAY. Or even better if I see her in Japan during my trip. XD

Whoa! Nice that you're already vaccinated! I'm still not because this country sucks -_- But hopefully in the next few weeks as I do need to go home and I gotta take a plane gah this is such a hassle. OTL

OKAY SO I FINALLY GOT THE SAITAMA AND GENOS PUP! And you are so right, these bases are so ugly AHHAHAHHAHA I don't think I even know how to fix them?? Like what will I do with these? XD Oh man, I was just cackling at it. The figures are actually of good quality! I was surprised myself! But yeah they are a bit on the tinier side that even my other prize figure towers them at 9 inches LOOL I actually wanted to get that Joker PUP so bad but I decided not to because I already have so many figures of him (for me anyway XD I think I have 4 of him now as I doubled ITEM #729706 which now my sister has claimed the other copy XD) D: And I'm still eying on that Alter one ITEM #713448 which should... come out of limbo any time now HAHAHAH XD
1 år siden
I've always wondered are the Persona games somewhat connected to each? :O Or is it always just different every time? Since I've only played 5 I'm not sure how the older games are tbh or if they have the same concept XD But I've always been interested with their character designs, they're so gorgeous ahhhh <3 HAHAHAHHA The way they would make figures a new game after is so sad indeed lmaooo Nonetheless I'll get them MAYBE!! XD

TBH I feel like ITEM #740309 doesn't even exist in the first place HAHAHAHHAHA Phantom figure lmaooo Being true to his character and all that. XD JFC DECEMBER?! Oh my lordie. I remember I had to search the oceans just to get a preorder of him because I was too late. D8 I honestly hope he turns our super gorgeous and worth the wait, I admit I haven't had anything from this company so idk their quality. Like if those people get bunny figures, we deserve something too, dammit. I don't mind male characters posing sexily beside expensive looking chairs HAHAHAHAH THAT would be a very interesting line :))) I just don't want bunny males pretty much lmao OOOH I AGREE. I am also weak for men with yukatas. OTL That's actually the sole reason why I ordered this Kakashi resin www.fanaticanim... It's gonna hurt my wallet, but HE IS JUST GORGEOUS I CANNOT NOT GET HIM OTL

Holy wowza 7000 JPY shipping?! That's almost as expensive ITEM #919652 's shipping which was 9000 JPY according to my friend. And I quote "WHY IS THE BOX SO UNNECESSARILY HUGE?" Suddenly remember how Mandarake used a super huge box for my Megahouse Midorima.... My mom was like "How many figures are in this box? 5?" Then she opened and Midorima is so tiny inside lmao

Ughh I'm glad she looks amazing in person TvT really leaning onto getting her as her whole aesthetics is definitely what I like! AND HER EYES ARE JUST ADORABLE I CANT OTL

HAHAHAHHA It is pretty fun to carry around a nendo!! Now granted I only ever had Spidey and Iron Man nendo back then, but now I have a lot Idk if I should just stick to Peter Parker as my travel buddy when I have so much to choose from now? But part of me is like "NOPE. Peter and I started this, I will continue doing this with Peter lmao" RIGHT? COVID PLEASE JUST DIE WE HAVE PLACES TO GO GUH!!

Yes you have mentioned their ugly bases HAHAHAHA If I had one I'd prolly idk do something about those ugly bases... XD I have finally SEEN a PUP in person at a figure store, and honestly?? I think it's quite good for the price??? So I might get ITEM #872608 tomorrow if I see him at the figure store, if not... well, I guess it's not meant to be OTL
1 år siden
I gotta admit I haven't played the other Persona except for 5 because my friends shoved them up to my face lmao So I was actually surprised that P4 got a nendo! :O I mean obviously good for the fans so hopefully more will follow soon for them and not just let the line die. Maybe in 5 years will get the other guys for P5 when P6 is out :))

I heard ITEM #740309 got delayed again to April... sdfsdfasdf Honestly, just push it back to 2022 just to get it over with. XD Yeah I saw the ones for the girls too, and if they're gonna do ones for the boys, at least produce lesser stocks if they don't think it will sell so well OTL Gods yes, the aftermarket prices for ENTRY #98716 are ridiculous. Did it flop or something? Cause for once these are actually more unique than our usual standing males if you know what I mean.

HAHAHHA! Go for it! Share the photo when you do, I'd love to see it! Every time I see figures with umbrellas or other big accessories, I always cry thinking how much shipping would be. Like this ITEM #805855 I didn't expect the shipping to kill me so much. OTL Prolly the most expensive I've ever paid aside from my DMC5 Koto boys. T_T SAL shipping, please, please, come back already.

Speaking of Kizunai Ai, I know nothing about her but when I saw this ITEM #845005 on Amiami, I almost pulled the trigger because holy shit that's SUPER CUTE LMAOOO And I see you got her! How is she? Maybe one day I'll try to snag her if she becomes cheaper ;v;

I agree, you can hardly see the joints in nendos that's why I'm okay with them now. Plus, I always bring my ITEM #585902 with me every time I visit a different country and I remember one time in Japan, a group of Japanese students asked me nicely if they could take pictures of Peter lmaooo It's honestly super amusing since Spider-Man is pretty well-known everywhere so I get a lot of curious people asking to take pictures of it XD I even got a picture with a Spidey cosplayer in China in an amusement park for SOME ODD REASON since he wanted to have a photo with the nendo lmao Gods I miss traveling. COVID PLEASE JUST DIE. OTL

oooh that's good to know! I actually have my eyes on two PUP: ITEM #1107150 and ITEM #1107147 because I absolutely loved the animated movie, made me cry and all and them boys in such casual clothes are such a treat!! So these may be my first PUPs! Who knows HAHAHAH
1 år siden
Damn. They really are just gonna ignore our Persona boys huh? OTL Isn't Joker selling a lot? They should at least know we're gonna buy them boys, I'd especially like one of Ryuuji and Yusuke along with ITEM #740309 It'd be nice to have a group of three boys with their school tables in their school uniforms TvT I'm actually envious that One Piece has a lot of male figures! Portrait of Pirates SOC ENTRY #98716 was so great! Why didn't they continue? OTL

That's so good to hear! I'm gonna keep an eye out for him cause he just looks wonderful but his aftermaket price... not so much HAHAHAHHA This one ITEM #496477 I want to have just to pair with ITEM #287834 :)) I think it'd be adorable and hilarious at the same time XD

Oh damn. My brother was obsessed with Miku to the point my sister and I only had to gift him Miku figures lmao I do admit she does have some pretty figures but again, I don't understand either why she's so popular? I had a co-worker who collected nothing but Miku and she even cosplays her and she just said "Cause she's cute!" ??? Yeah but so are others? Oh god did you see there are new Rem announcements again. SHOCKER. HAHAHHAA Gosh I used to just be collecting scales, and just recently got into nendo since most of the ones I love hardly get scales so might as well settle lmao I don't like figmas either! They're too... jointy and... smol. O_O I'm not sure about PUP either cause they're bigger than nendo at least but smaller than scales D8 I haven't seen a PUP in person though but I saw they all have the same base lool
1 år siden
It's true and you should say it :((( And gah! tell me about it! My boy Ryuuji ENTRY #112189 doesn't even have a single scale figure OTL And will this ITEM #675991 even come out of limbo? lol Shounen manga is our saving grace cause at least we do get those male figures, god bless Megahouse for providing us some good food quite often. :'D Also I see you have ITEM #287834 I've been wanting him for quite some time now, is he as great as he looks in the pictures? :O

Oh I know of that figure ITEM #872680 cause I saw someone on Reddit saying "I can't believe I paid so much for such a tiny thing" XD Oh boy I just clicked the ORIGIN ENTRY #99092 and all I see is that Rem girl sdfasdfsdf jfc there should be a limit to how many a character can have, or at least distribute that effort for other characters because that's honestly a bit too much cause even the shops I follow would post new figures and it's always her and I'm like "AGAIN? How many does she need until people are satisfied?" Oh god I hope she's not competing with Miku who has like 1,160 figures looool
1 år siden
aaah thank you so much! it’s so nice to meet a fellow Nami fan <33
1 år siden
Still really makes me wonder though, is it also because male sculptures would rather do females? Because tbh if I was one, I, too, would just do male figures lmaoo HAHAHA But who knows!

Speaking of that Re:Zero thing, is that a popular anime or something? I've never had a friend talk to me about it or anything but I keep seeing those two girls who look like twins get like 4567 figures per second. Oh my, that would make sense that the main protagonist is a male... it's like with Hyouka. I absolutely adore Oreki, and as much as I love the girls, he never had ONE figure and to think a lot of my friends including me of course are in love with him. But gah. Must I sacrifice 3000 men for one figure announcement all the time? (ಠ_ಠ)
1 år siden
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