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Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire - Morrigan Aensland - 1/6 - Nishimura Collection (Max Factory)Gosick - Victorique de Blois - 1/8 (Embrace Japan)Soul Eater - Maka Albarn - Soul Eater Evans - Perfect Posing Products - 1/8 (Medicom Toy)Vampire - Morrigan Aensland - Capcom Figure Builder Creator's Model - White Color. (Capcom)


Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire - Morrigan Aensland - 1/6 - Nishimura Collection (Max Factory)Vampire - Morrigan Aensland - Capcom Figure Builder Creator's Model (Capcom)Vampire - Morrigan Aensland - Capcom Figure Builder Creator's Model - White Color. (Capcom)Vampire - Morrigan Aensland - Capcom Figure Builder Creator's Model - Nurse ver. (Capcom)Vampire - Morrigan Aensland - Capcom Figure Builder Creator's Model - Black Nurse ver., (Capcom)

Om Meg

I'm 22 and currently studying to get into the entertainment business (TV specifically)!

I collect figures for aesthetic/personal value. It's a hobby I'm extremely passionate about. Anything on my wish list I'm looking to buy, so feel free to approach me if you want to sell.


bought a yotsuba&! nendo from them! they were very careful packaging the figure and timely in their responses. nendo is in awesome shape. would definitely buy from again.
2 dager siden
if you needed anymore info please just ask
10 dager siden
than if you still want to I would like to purchase her from you for 400$
10 dager siden
since your inbox is full I was wondering if the 1/7 sakura futaba that you have for sale has the glowing base or not
10 dager siden
Hello there,

since your inbox is full, i wanted to ask here if you are still interested in the mary saotome figure. I created a comment under the entry for the figure. Best would be if you could send me an answer back to my inbox.

Thanks :)
10 dager siden
Still selling your konata and Kanata izumi figures?
1 måned siden
Just wanted to say that this user sold me their pre-order and it went totally smoothly, she was very helpful and answered all my questions and requests promptly! The item arrived safe and sound!
Thanks again! :)
1 måned siden
love your paswg collection
1 måned siden
What's it like being famous on MFC? Well... I always knew I was destined for greatness. I'm no stranger to success. One day I ran into this site and I told myself "I'm gonna run this place one day." and steadily I've been working my way towards that goal. Really though, this isn't about me. I don't do this for me, I do it for my fans. I do it for people like you. What have I done for you? Eff if I know, but it's gotta be something since you guys keep coming up to me anyway. I figured out why that is though, It's my charisma. It's too dangerous that it's become something of a curse, but I'll gladly face that curse head on if it means I get to grace you with my presence day after day. You're welcome fans. :)

I hope you liked that joking improvised speech, really channeled my inner Kanye West for that one. In all actual seriousness, that whole famous thing was a joke you know that right? You're going to end up hyping me up to dangerous levels if you keep that up though. I've only been on this site for a little over a month, I know it say 5 months, but I didn't actively start using the site until a month ago so I'm still a small... profile? Is that the word? Meh, anyway I'm just here to have fun so idk anything about "people dying to talk to me". Pretty flattering thought though.

Ok so on to the actual conversation. FREEing hasn't done a bunny girl of Morrigan? I mean Felicia is also fine, but Morrigan is Morrigan. I figured she'd have one by now since pasting a popular characters face on a scantily clad bunny girl's body was FREEing's whole gimmick. Damn, this is just like the time I found out that Albedo from that one Overlord anime didn't have a bunny figure by FREEing either. It's obvious someone on there doesn't know what's up. Nah don't worry on the THICC connoisseur thing. I'm not actually that serious about it either, for me it's more of the meme behind it like I said previously. Besides my profile bio says it all. "All are welcome."

Native's figures? Yeah I don't vibe with any of them either so far. Like it said in my bio once again. I don't really vibe with the excessively lewd figures that can't be creatively covered up, that's too much even for me and most of Native's stuff usually falls into that category so that's why I haven't dipped into that company... yet. If at all. Really sucks too cause they make some really high-quality stuff if only they could like not with the over degeneracy. Like ugh this ITEM #676068 was looking so good with her little chair and her little books looking wholesome AF, but then the pose...

Oh snap I saw that Nia figure. Nia is top-tier, but it took for her to transform for me to realize that. She looks so good with long hair! What'd you think of the english voice acting for the game btw? It's so bad, like an old 4kids tv dub. Damn does it have some memorable cringey dialogue though. You ever played Persona 5? If so then you're about to make me act up. Person 5 Strikers? I loved it myself, but I don't know if I can recommend it without knowing if you played Persona 5/The Royal yet.

You used to own the original Ryza? The figure or the game? If the figure then why'd ya sell it? In Ryza 2 they turned Klaudia into a badass too which I totally respect. Her using a bow is way better than the flute thing she did in the first game. I couldn't take her seriously when everyone else is literally smiting with swords or conjuring world-breaking spells and she's just over there going "toot" on a flute, no way.

There you go again hyping me up Oz. I don't know what to do on the BEASTARS thing since you're literally endorsing it by telling me it's good, but then un-endorsing it by telling me it ain't all that either. Which is it Oz? XD You're playing FE: 3 houses? Oh hell yeah, we definitely gotta talk about that... in the next post. This one's getting long so I'll save that for next time.
2 måneder siden
You "just had to talk to me" huh? Who was that one guy that said something like "It's hard being famous"? Well let's just say that was me, cause it sure is a struggle. :(

Nah, seriously you're fine on the random friend request thing. I've been getting those more and more lately... actually I think all my friends were random friend requests except 1. Once again, it's hard being famous! XD

Ok ok for real this time (serious face)... wait can someone actually talk about the THICC with a serious face? I don't think that could be me honestly. Let's pretend for now that it is me, anyway Bulleta? The little red-riding hood-like machine gun girl? I dig her vibe, but Morrigan exists so she never stood a chance honestly. I'm not sorry.

Aye, shared love on the little furniture! For me it's the "more interesting" part you mentioned, but also just how tiny and intricately detailed they tend to be. This goes back further than even figure collecting tbh. My little sister has these little food toys that are so freaking tiny yet detailed and every time she'd show me them I'd lose my shit. Idk why, but seeing a little itty bitty broccoli that looks like a baby tree just gets to me for some reason. The first figure I got that wasn't a videogame collector's edition figure came with an intricate chair and I'm not gonna lie, but I bought the figure as much for the chair as I did for the thicc girl. It was a nice chair ok.

Oooh I want to snag the two xeno girls, but part of me is also hoping that with their incoming rise in popularity due to smash bros that they'll start to commission more figures of them and we get some even more high-quality ones made. I'll hold out a bit longer, but if nothing changes then I guess it's the aftermarket for me... eventually. Yeah I played them in Smash the moment they released. I think I found a new main tbh. Joker from P5 is still my number 1 though.

Ah you got the Ryza figure from Wonderful Works ordered too? I got the AmiAmi exclusive version with the added mousepad. I haven't finished Ryza 2 yet cause a new game released around that time that took major priority over it (Persona 5 Strikers), but I 100% complete it recently so I'm jumping back into Ryza 2. Have you beat the game yet btw? I think I'm about halfway done, I got all the party members unlocked at least. Also Klaudia and the new girl Serri in that game... very nice. It's not just Ryza anymore that's hard carrying the girls... though she is still best girl don't get me wrong. Oh and I was very surprised by how much of a Chad Tao turned into in that game.

My bio? Tbh it was a combination of memes and the lol's, wasn't deep at all or anything. My friends and I find the whole "THICC thighs save lives" meme culture funny and I harnessed some of that into the bio. I thought to myself a couple of times "Is this too much?", but decided to double, triple, and quadruple down on it regardless of the cringe. Ngl, but it's more for a joke than anything else and I'm more chill on the whole THICC thing I initially present. It's why I say I'm a low-key wholesome boy, but I doubt anyone believes that when they see the large looming shadow that is my profile bio and collection. I'm mainly here just to have fun and roll with it. Not taking anything too serious on here.

Hey so I see you got a BEASTARS figure in your collection. Is that show any good? I remember my little brother watching it then trying to get me to watch it, but I heard something about "furry shmex" or something and I dodged out of that one immediately. That true, is it furry bait? Heard they have a legit legit bunny girl... it's not a Lola Bunny from Space Jam scenario is it?
2 måneder siden

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