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Erika, born into this lovely fragment on October 28th, 1990 to fangirl over Pikachu and Cats along with suffering main characters. I also edit to AMVs, read visual novels, as well as spam my tumblr with my anime obsessions.

Main Collections
Pokemon - Satoshi, Pikachu, Satoshi-Gekkouga, Serena, Hikari
Higurashi - Keiichi, Rika
Digimon - Takeru, Taichi, Meiko, sometimes Hikari, and Takuya
Sword Art Online - Kirito (Mainly GGO, Alicization), Eugeo
Yuri on Ice - Minami, Yuuri


What do you think about the new trailer/art concept for the new higurashi? I'm not a fan of the art style..they look a little off?
3 måneder siden
Hey! Did you hear?! There is going to be another Higurashi Anime!
7 måneder siden
Yep I'm from Canada! No, I'm not going there since I don't live in Quebec but now that i know marina inoue is coming I kind of want too! I shipped Jessica and Kanon they would have been so cute together (ignoring that confusing shanon/kanon bit)
1 år siden
thanks! :D
1 år siden
Thanks for letting me know but it sold out before I could buy it! If you ever see it again let me know!!!
1 år siden
Ah i see, thanks for the info! Yeah they are pricey, not to mention hard to come by. But when you do find them it makes it even better.
1 år siden
Hi! I'm wondering where you bought ITEM #780938
Also, nice Higurashi collection! It's definitely goals
1 år siden
thanks! :)
1 år siden
ooh nice!

my biggest regret regarding higurashi was not buy the rena and keichi strap on movic when it on there, it was cheap too. I have seen it over priced on other sites T_T
1 år siden
Higurashi items are so rare! Such a good show needs more Merch!
1 år siden
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