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Aspiring musician sidetracked with figures
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Lian Yu Zhi Zuo Ren - Xu Mo - Nendoroid  (#1166) (Good Smile Arts Shanghai, Good Smile Company)Harry Potter - Draco Malfoy - Nendoroid  (#1268) (Good Smile Company)Quanzhi Gaoshou - Yu Wenzhou - Nendoroid  (#1239) (Good Smile Arts Shanghai, Good Smile Company)Evangelion Shin Gekijouban - Nagisa Kaworu - Nendoroid  (#1261) (Good Smile Company)Xian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan - Lin Yueru - Nendoroid  (#1246-DX) - DX Ver. (Good Smile Arts Shanghai, Good Smile Company)

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This lil guy is Tuzki by Momo Wang. Luve him

Status says it all: My biggest dream is to become the Hokage a renowned music artist and producer, but I've also been distracted with having so many hobbies heh heh..

I have watched a handful of animes but not near otaku level numbers yet. I love cosplaying and Nendoroids (must...resist..Figmas..). Making custom Mystic Messenger Nendoroids.

I have many consoles but mostly game on my PS4, Switch, & 3DS. Glad to give out my friend codes/user, especially if you play Splatoon2 often. Even if you don't play games I enjoy making friends or chatting so feel free to talk~

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SHINAHHHHH your inbox is full. Please PM me after you clear it a little so I can send you the tracking number? Thanks!
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Thanks for the friend request! :D
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Hi there, could you check your DM please? There's some problem with the invoice. Thank you very much!
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Ah thank you so very much, so glad you like it!! It's a hobby I truly love, just need to find some more time lately!! :D
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Hello and thanks for the friend request! :D
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My inbox is clear and I'm ready to receive the invoice, sorry for the delay!
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No prob! (●´ω`●)
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Hi~! Your inbox is full, please clear it so I can send you the invoice for shipping Mad Hatter Nendo Doll’s shoes! :3

Thanks (*'▽'*)
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I've met Lilypichu, sleightlymusical and Freddie Wong so far (Dunno if you know any of these people)! I was totally starstruck!

I'm struggling with Manual mode on my camera too. It's just not intuitive for me yet. I think I'm getting the hang of adjusting aperture and ISO though! I took it with me for a vacation to LA and fiddled with it a lot. Definitely still need a lot of work on positioning and lighting... But it's fun!

If I could, I'd make DDR my workout haha.

I think Miles was the biggest for me, since I already knew Tsuyu and All Might were getting nendos. I was hoping for a unpainted preview for those two since they got Ochako out so quickly, but I guess they're taking longer. I'm really glad they made the Lolita nendoroid more series available, too.

So many new nendoroids keep getting announced! I need them to start the L PO so I can just stop paying attention to it or I'm going to destroy my finances ahhhh
1 år siden
I hope we get more of the Spiderverse cast eventually but for now I'm thrilled we're getting two versions of Miles!!

For now I think I'm going to hold off on getting the Medicom figures since I'd rather get the nendos. Yeah, since GSC fortunately got the BNHA license back they've been working on them at a pretty nice pace! Too bad they only revealed the art for Tsuyu and All Might, but there were so many nendos that either got prototypes or new announcements that I'm okay with waiting a bit haha
Samus getting a re-release is awesome, but I already have the Other M version even though I didn't particularly like that game so I might hold off on preordering her as well. Still nice to see that Metroid is getting at least a little figure attention, though! I'm still holding out hope that she'll have a nendo one day as well

I wasn't expecting Yusuke Urameshi, Natsume, or Bayonetta to get announced but I'm excited to see them! And Amaterasu and Dante got prototypes, Ammy looks cute with her chubby cheeks ITEM #806027 There were a bunch of Jojo announcements as well, even though I was hoping for Narancia it was nice to see they're continuing that line :D Did anything else catch your eye?

Tbh I kinda expect them to make all of Class 1A and more villains at some point since they seem to be selling well enough. If they make Mineta before Shinsou and Kiri I'm rioting I wouldn't mind a fixed nendo of some characters who are less popular if they'd be skipped otherwise, but I'm still a little sad they made Armstrong from FMA a fixed nendo and event exclusive, instead of just a regular Co-de release :<
1 år siden
Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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Many but mainly: MysMes, Splatoon2, Pokémon, Smash Bros, Metroid, LOZ, Just Dance, COD, Mario Kart