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Hi if you don't want the Ichimatsu paper weight please let me know by July 20th so I can give it to someone.
4 år siden
Hey! Yes, it's still available. Inbox should have room now, sorry -- my Supporter time just ran out >.>
4 år siden
shaarii_shirley x Zane Truesdale
Happy New Year!! Haven't heard from you for a while, hope everything is fine on your side! :)
4 år siden
shaarii_shirley x Zane Truesdale
sonicspinner4 år siden#5063501What do you think of Sousuke? o: He's a little too pricey for me unfortunately. ;n;

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, I'm so sorry for the late reply! Orz I knew I had to reply when I received your message a month ago, so I left it on a tab, but I probably closed it without realising (with the amount of tabs I have...yIKES) and just remembered with your comment yesterday! So so so sorry Q_Q been also busy with college since it's finals right now for the three next weeks, asdsajjalskda can't wait for Christmas and 2 packages I ordered for it and my birthday, hehehehe...!

Well, considering the company and the flaws some pointed out in the prototype, I have to say it is indeed expensive, but it'll be the only Sousuke we're getting (probably) and on top of it, he's wet. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) So I just went and p-reordered him. Q_Qqqq hope he'll turn out all right!! I'm going to cry if he ends up in the bargain bin like Rin (at least the Rin I got was flawless!) coz I'm really short on money these days and for the next year. I'll be saving up for a year to Japan in December 2016. Q_Q

sonicspinner4 år siden#4294348Oh, I thought I responded to you but turns out I didn't...? Not the best idea to try and comment on a train with little wifi access I guess. ;T Hopefully he will be, any more than that and it'll be too much for me, especially if I do end up getting the extra face. ;___;
For a while I honestly got sick of him being everywhere, but now I've learned to kind of accept it and appreciate his talents. Yeah, that's what really got me is how versatile he is with his voice. Although voice actors in general are truly talented. U__U I wish I had even half their talent. XD
Yes, same here, haha! My first pre-order was the Makoto scale, actually. My sister told me last year that a Free! figure was being made, and I thought why not? and just ordered him. I never thought I would get so into the hobby. :P Let's just cross out fingers Nagisa and Rei announcements will come up for winter wonfes or the animate girl's festival. :o and mebee a Seijuuro one too plz
I'm studying environmental engineering! It's pretty hard and because of my health I can only take a few of classes per semester, so it'll take me an extra year and a half to graduate. I definitely won't give up though! I'm planning on getting my Master's too so I'm going to be in school for a while. ^__^;

I can't believe in a matter of a few days, I got back into Free! and now I'm just totally hunting every merch there is of Makoto (coz I wanna make a shrine!) and aaaaah, I still remember how I used to say Free! was crap because it's just about homo swimmers and stuff, but ES really made a good comeback and got me hooked. Then, I got into other animes meanwhile and now, I suddenly got back into it. Orz......Hope Nagisa and Rei also get a scaled figure! Q_Q Though, I'm not sure if I'll get them since I'm broke and they're unfortunately my least liked characters. I feel so bad saying this, but I find Rei a bit annoying and uptight. Orz......Nagisa, to a limit. At least, he's cute, hehehe.

A Master's!! Woah!! It's good to know that you've decided in doing what you want!! I probably won't be doing a Master's degree since a Bachelor's enough for me. Orz Otherwise, I will never finish with school.

Hope you're doing well so far since it's finals period! Don't sleep too late, although it's inevitable. Eat well, drink well (water!!) and stay optimist (kinda hard, though)!!! :D
4 år siden
shaarii_shirley x Zane Truesdale
sonicspinner5 år siden#3692223Ahaha, same here, we don't really have midterms but tests are popping up everywhere all the same. D:
That's good to hear, my Rin's been out for two weeks so hopefully he'll show up soon. ;u; And yes I did! I feel like this is the only Sousuke scale we're going to get anytime soon if ever, but I don't know if it'll be worth getting it since I have no experience with the company making him. Seems like their scales are decent if not lower quality than Alter's, but I want that extra face bad tooo. :c I'm so conflicted.
I didn't get very far into Tokyo Ghoul but my younger sister loved the anime and is caught up with the manga too now. o: Besides the first few episodes all I've watched are Tsukiyama crack videos on youtube. XD I have to say Miyano Mamoru did a fantastic job voice acting him. As much as I wish he wasn't in like every popular anime or video game out there, he really is extremely talented.
There's not too many out so far, I'm sure you can do it! >:o I'm really lucky financially in the sense that live with my parents and commute to uni so I don't have to pay for housing or food, so a lot of the money I get for now at least goes to figures. I'm keeping up with my finances though and 2/3 of my ordered figures have already been paid for, so I'm good so far.
No problem, it's nice to chat with people with the same hobby! :)

I hope Sousuke's face turns out well, to be honest. I saw the prototype's face and I wasn't really sure about it, haha. Q_Q I own a scaled-figure (released in 2006) of Toy's Works, but I'm pretty sure it's too old to be compared to a new release. Crossing my fingers that he stays within the 7000-8500 yen range. That'll be the maximum I'm willing to throw in since I've got my Tokyo Ghoul babies waiting for me. asdadas Q_Q

I used to follow Miyano Mamoru a bit, but to me, he was just a regular voice actor with a really nice voice, but then, with Tsukiyama, it just changed everything. He went from good to UH-MAY-ZINGGG. Man, he did one hell of a good job with Tsukiyama. He portrays him so well!

I also live with my parents and all, and if it weren't my hobby of collecting figures, I think I could be pretty well-off and throw my money in clothes and outings with friends, but the hobby just chose me and 2D to 3D hot guys just attracted me more than cheap clothes from Forever21, hehehehe. Unfortunately, college's keeping me really busy so I don't have time for a part-time job. I pretty much just save part of my lunch money for figures! r i p..!

What are you studying at uni? I'm a second-year art student! :)
5 år siden
shaarii_shirley x Zane Truesdale
sonicspinner5 år siden#3672599Heya! It's been a some time since I talked to you and I was wondering how you are doing. :3 I see you got Rin, mine's still on the way, but I've been keeping his spot next to Haru and Makoto nice and clean. |D
Also can I just say I am completely weak to black/dark hair and glass too whaaat

I'm doing super fine! College too, but midterms are on their way quite soon!
How about you? :DD ASDADSADSA RIN IS SO FINE, LMAOOO. you know what I'm talkin' 'bout eh. :^))
Yes, yes, black hair and glasses Q_Q...I'm so weak to them <3 I bet you've seen the scaled Sousuke figure that's coming out in 2016! I'm so excited for him, aaaaaaaaaaaaaa! About time he gets a figure. ;q;
I recently got into Tokyo Ghoul after denying it for a whole year and waw...I just can't believe I seriously denied it for so long. The anime is ok, but the manga is on a whole different level. The story, the characters development, the art, parallels, everything is absolutely well-orchestrated. I'm planning to hunt down every TG figures, but I'm kind of short on money these days... DX -sigh- asdadsadsa <3 Glad to hear from you again! Thank you for leaving a comment on my profileeeee!!!! ;w;
5 år siden
Answered your PM btw, I'l let you know about it :)
5 år siden
I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want !

Happy Birthday ! =)
6 år siden
Oyamatsumi 大山積命
Ohayou !
Welcome to you on MFC :3
6 år siden
Welcome to MFC ! ≧^◡^≦

6 år siden
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