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Om Meg

My name is Parker. I am a baseball player at heart, and hope to be in practice for years to come. Baseball has taken me to many places: Most recently Sweden. It was a fantastic experience. I recently completed my entry training for the Army, and I've been enjoying my military career as well. I had wanted to serve for a long, long time, and I'm very happy, having finally made it a reality.

I'm 6'1'' and 190-198 pounds, I like most sports including baseball, hockey, NASCAR, golf, football, and volleyball. Golf and volleyball are the only sports other than baseball that I actually play.

I have a few hobbies other than figure collecting; I collect militaria, and I collect and shoot historic military firearms; I'm also a huge fan of military history. Other hobbies include bass guitar, light novels and manga, and a few other things. I am also a novice chef, if there is such a thing. I love coffee, tea, and most hot drinks, and enjoy going to the local tea shop with some of my friends.

I enjoy good company, and making lasting friendships. Don't be afraid to contact me, for any reason! :)

Strike Witches, Violet Evergarden, Gunslinger Girl, Darling in the FRANXX, Kantai Collection, High School Fleet, Frame Arms Girl, etc.
Book Girl, Kieli & Strawberry Panic
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Online Mahjong
MOE Poeng
Bows/ribbons, tsundere, small chest, quiet and sweet.
U2, most other classic rock, some hard rock, etc.
Phone & Nikon something or other
Old laptop



Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
So another try haha:

Yeah your room is nice, its a typical army loving guys room ^^ as for my displays being shown, i think i already send it right? Tbh im not too satisfied with how things are displayed but eventually we buy a new house anyways :)
We already got lots of info on how the mortgage works and the costs etc

Yeah i dont have as much time as i used to have too or im simply too tired. I guess we should make 2 messages perhaps so we can reply easier?
But with the new mfc system it might be annoying

Ohh thats good. Well tbh its easy to start rlly.. with model kits you just pick easy ones first and inexpensive set so that if you mess up its fine.
With garage kits i wait tho, i need to look into it more before i start plus i got too many hobbies already xD i still got jigsaws, diamond paintings, mangas etc :p

Yeah those are indeed nice colors i had a mustard type of yellow inmy old place combined with grey and a bit of brown.

My bf however has grey,brown and white mainly but its ok cause thres so much stuff now that i shouldnt paint too much plus we plan to leave so its not worth it for now. I can paint in the new place we buy :) we now rent.

Same here my parents are divorced too but i still keep in touch. However my mom and my sister dont go well with my dad no more for personal reasons i cant tell on mfc.
Anyways my dad still cones around and my next bday i plan to invite all for the first time as i feel sad inviting my dad seperatly.
I live close to my parents but not as close as i used to be cause both moved. Tho within 30 min so its ok.
So what did your dad say? And my parents have been cool with my hobby but my mom is honest too and said some are too underaged for her and nude and she doesnt approve but she lets me keep it tho she always did. I like that about her cause it made me think things over and realise she might be right so i hid tae more for example :) i got her gifted tho didnt buy her myself and feels wrong to sell. Plus its tough to sell too cause shes an 18+ item and underaged.

Yeah im with you there.. i do see some friends from time to time and i got 3 good friends which is good enough for me. Tho i dont see em that often we organise to go out for dinner now and then or meet at cons.
But many come and go..

Yeah its better this way :) im way more energetic and happy. I only miss my plants a bit XD but cant be helped. I started anew and im working on a kitchen garden with lettuce,cherry tomatoes , cucumber etc :D and in front yard i blught cheap plants who prob last a year and got some for free :D looks great now

Ohh wow thats neat! Nice thoughtful present hope she will like it too?

Have you made a decision yet about what to preorder and what not?

And i bought the switch the pokemon version, im still glad i decided on getting it
1 måned siden
Ah that's neat! Funny you mention the PPK, I should be getting one myself this week! I always wanted to get one and since Minna's birthday is coming up, this time is as good as any.

That's super cool, congrats! I think I once mentioned being declared unfit for service and that the worst part about that was being a disappointment to the witches. Well, I might be a POG now but that's better than nothing. Minna could always use a scribe I bet... :D

Mind telling me what rank you got so far?
1 måned siden
Hello and thank you very much!
It‘s been quite a rough year for me and when I got the notification I actually felt quite guilty for not getting back to you last time! I can only say I appreciate your wishes a lot, really shows how you care about people. I‘m a lot better these days and should probably update my profile since I got quite a bunch of new stuff. One thing that has been consistent is my love for Minna! :D
How are you doing? Still serving?
1 måned siden
Hi!! Yes, it seems so ahahah
Thank you so much :D
2 måneder siden
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Greatvi almost finished my reply and then it refreshed sigh..

So i send my reply once im home i guess stupid phone
2 måneder siden
spasepeepole026 (2 måneder siden) #49468561Good to hear :) How were you holidays?
I am well too; thank you!

I visited my parents as I usually do and had a good time. We went somewhere nice to eat goose for Christmas.
How about yours?
2 måneder siden
spasepeepole026 (2 måneder siden) #49378992Of course :) I hope you have been well over there.
I've been doing pretty good. Hope you're well too.
2 måneder siden
spasepeepole026 (2 måneder siden) #49307238Another birthday? I hope it's a good one! :)
Thanks a lot!
2 måneder siden
thank you!
3 måneder siden
Hi! Wow, it's been a long time since we continued the comments here so I had to look up a bit what we were talking about, haha!

Well, a lot has changed here and there is an even bigger chance we will soon live in the USA than before, because of some career opportunities for my husband. I will keep you updated. :)

Hrmm, that's too bad to read that the shirt is too short. Maybe you can indeed get it fixed, but it might be hard. I'm 'lucky' that I am pretty short but even in Japan sizes for males I have to get an M (that is sometimes even a tight fit!) while I fit XS male size over here... Our western bodies are just too big-boned. :') But it's not as bad as a friend I just spoke to, she got an shirt from Japan and the size fits everywhere, except for...the armholes for her sleeves. :/ And that is also not something you can 'just' get fixed like that on a piece of clothing. Possibly an even more impossible fix than what you want to try for your own... Anyway, I'm glad to read you don't regret the purchase.

Yeah ok, that is also true with it being a used item. I just thought of it, because one handmade of a cosplayer could be of higher quality than buying one from a cosplay store. :)

Most jobs can be found through networking and the most interesting jobs I had were from friends of friends or tips/referrals from old coworkers for a new place. Whenever you can say that you know the company because of [person name] referring you, it always makes you seem 1000x more trustworthy. :) And well oof, I don't know that friend personally so I can't know/say anything about her personal situation, but for me, whenever I was temporarily without a job I would always continue (and do even more hours) of my volunteer work. That way your resume won't have any empty spots and most employers really like hearing you spend your time in such a productive way in the moments you were without a job. So if your friend is not doing volunteer work yet, maybe it's time to try that so her position on the job market can improve? It can even be something like helping the local animal shelter.

Unfortunately I think the Brave Witches anime was not much of a hit, so I don't know what we can expect with possible future series or other content. I also recently realized I missed out on an Witches VR game, but it looks really bad. :S

And yeah! I check Tumblr every couple of days, so I'll see your stuff on my dash! :D I may not like/reply on everything, but I watch all of it. :) Unfortunately Tumblr is a bit of a mess right now with all their changes in the rules...multiple of the people I was actively following there decided to quit and to be honest, if they don't return and/or I can't find a similar way through Tumblr to see that content (it was mainly me following J-fashion brands), I'm afraid I will have to switch to another social media as Tumblr might not be worth my time/effort anymore. :/ Anyway, in case I might leave, I will let it know in a post, so you will also know if I'm gone.

I used to have a job that was 100KM of driving a day, so 24K a year, multiply by 6...yeah I would have beaten that if I had kept that job for 6 years LOL. But yeah most people don't have a job so far away or use public transport, so for an European it would be quite unique. :D While in America it's not even that strange that for a supermarket you will have to do a long drive, so an amount like that is nothing. xD That said, most people from the USA I met find it astounding that Europe is so small! They expect it to be huge because of all the different cultures and languages. Meanwhile I am surprised that the USA can be so big with one main language and actually quite a short history! :O
3 måneder siden
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