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Om Meg


I am from Belgium.
starting collecting figures this year.
I also like the read manga's and watch anime's .

The main reason i starting collecting figues was One Piece.
But now i also buy from different serie.


Hey, we're trying to resurrect the Rosario Vampire club, but we need some more experienced users back. Mind joining in again?
5 år siden
Thanks for accepting my FR!
Really nice K-On collection you have there, my K-On collection is expanding at the moment.
8 år siden
Anima On my Way!

Pasaba a comunicarte que ARC esta empezando a organizar lo que seria la primera reunion entre usuarios.
Necesitamos tu opinion para organizar mejor las cosas, asi que por favor pasa por el siguiente enlace: club/58/&pa...

Desde ya muchas gracias, y nos gustaria contar con tu presencia

9 år siden
haha xD you got a bunch yourself.
I postred every figure I own on figure.fm
I just too lazy to go search and click own on each xD
10 år siden
I think to stick to the normal japanse webshops
don't like to use credit cards online purchase ...

i see. Yeah being careful is good ^__^. I dont like to use it neither
10 år siden
superchani am just a figure collector from Belgium.
i am also don't know you :p


Friend Request? ^_^
10 år siden
superchanshame on you with a Setsuna Kiyoura screen you don't own a figure !!!!

Hugh...Who are you?^^

Actually, there is no good figure of my Set'chan!

I hope Alter or Goodsmile will do this in the future!
10 år siden
heb ook 1 gemaakt!
alleen heb ik er nog bijna geen :(
10 år siden
maximimon The New Shadow Emperor
superchanmaximimonordered Mugi as you recommended , you're right she's cheap!!

well i don't think its that cheap :p
prefer 1000-2000 yen lower but Alter made very hight quality figures with the best painting :p

also the quality on all the instruments are far better then any other figures with instruments.

i am sure Alter will have a re-release in 2011 or 2012 everyone will get one for sure :p

yeah well i now its not that cheap, but she could be more expensive, and yeah a re-release should be coming later.
10 år siden
maximimon The New Shadow Emperor
ordered Mugi as you recommended , you're right she's cheap!!
10 år siden
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