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Invoice paid! Will you let me know the tracking number when you have it? Thx!
3 måneder siden
Hi! I'm not sure if my message is getting through, so forgive me if I spammed your inbox, but how much would shipping be for swan girl figure to Houston, TX 77098?
3 måneder siden
I purchased a figure from this collector and it was as smooth as ever. Promptly provided more photos when asked. Kept me up to date on when they would ship and which service was delivering. Figure arrived in "Like New" condition. Most of the original wrapping was still present when I opened the figure. You can tell this person cares a lot for their figures as well as the people they do business with. 10/10! Looking forward to doing business with them again!
3 måneder siden
Great Collection and photos of room! so cool
9 måneder siden
Free Shipping World Wide. A place for collectors.

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