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I am in Jo Jo hell someone help me get out of it
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Your inbox is full. Send me a pm.
2 år siden
2 år siden
I meant to ask for your paypal for the two straps but your inbox is full haha
3 år siden
Hey man, I was just checking on the status of my order. your pm box is full
3 år siden
tanteiokuoku4 år siden#14083772I have her if someone wants her

Hi just wondering if you are still offering that for the pink Jolyne Figure
3 år siden
tanteiokuoku3 år siden#15972141Happy birthday
Um, it's not my birthday!(July 5) But thanks for your kind words. ^.^;;
3 år siden

Just wondering if you still have ITEM #239411 for sale? And if so do you have any other Haikyuu characters?

3 år siden
Hey, are you still selling this item item/211138#tab...? :o
4 år siden
tanteiokuoku4 år siden#12109745Yep I currently have to charge 125 for him now though (Yay I know)

Thats really unfortunate. There is a commodity of this figure, but just because the part 4 anime came out his price is jacked up. With 175 listings on amazon and 106 listings on ebay with these ridiculous prices. I will wait til the anime fan hype dies down. lol. I read the manga, but my bf is late to the party. He likes him when I wasn't crazy about him, I should of bought him in 2011. lol. Glad I have all the part 5 and 6 ones I want before they ruin those too. lol.
4 år siden
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
tanteiokuoku4 år siden#12109770Yep I got a lot of her lol

Nice hehe so where do you ship from? As im from the netherlands and aus , us or canada for example are veeery expensive :(
4 år siden
Europe's friend for everything manga, anime and related merchandise!

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