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Hi do you still have your Worick ARTFX Kotobukiya?
2 måneder siden
Nendoroid Selling list UPDATED:
1) Madoka Magica-Momoe Nagisa: USD40 Opened
2) Overwatch-Mercy: USD45 NISB
3) Touken Ranbu- Kogitsunemaru: USD60 NISB (new in sealed box)
4) Konosuba-Aqua: USD50 Opened
5) Konosuba- Yunyun: USD35 (FULL ACCESSORIES without faceplate only)
6) Zelda-Link DX: USD50 Opened
7) Fate/Colosseum- Saber Lion: USD40 Opened
8) NoGameNoLife- Sora: USD50 Opened
9) Little Witch Academia- Atsuko Kagari: USD80 NISB
10) Naruto Shippuuden- Uzumaki Naruto: USD50 Opened
11) Naruto Shippuuden - Gaara: USD60 NISB
12) Fate/Grand Order - Jeanne d'Arc (Alter): USD60 NISB
3 måneder siden
What do you still have for sell?
5 måneder siden
Hello hun! It says your Ibvox is full c:
7 måneder siden
Hi, is Kuroo from Haikyuu still available.
8 måneder siden
Thats ok i figured as much haha
8 måneder siden
Are u still selling accelerator
8 måneder siden
Well looks like it’s USPS fault for not updating anything.

They arrived today and look good :)

Thank you To!
10 måneder siden
Weird even after clearing my inbox and outbox, nothing works. I have a subscriber status with this site so it should be unlimited mail anyways. But anyways okay I’ll wait on the news from you after they figure out what’s going on. Because USPS told me usually if it was at Customs, they would still update that it arrived in the US and is in process with customs. But the only update they have is that Malaysia Post never sent it overseas yet and it’s stuck in your country. It’s what USPS believes right now so maybe I’m guessing it got lost at sea or something
10 måneder siden
I know you posted it over a year ago but do you still have the Aquarius Lucy figure for sale?
1 år siden
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