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kim / she/they / 22
started collecting on june 11th 2021 <3

i like looking at people's profiles and collections so if i randomly send you a friend request i just think you seem cool! no offense taken if you reject it tho!!!

lolicons/shotacons/people who sexualise minors/fetishise wlw/mlm please do not interact



Thanks for the friend request! <3

I really like your Madoka Magica figures! I never did care enough about the show to collect figures from it (which is funny since Madoka and Homura were actually my first two figures LOL) but I do think that their figures are SUPER cute!!
1 dag siden
Sorry for accepting late but thank you!! And I like your profile :)
10 dager siden
thank you for friend request!!:D
1 måned siden
Hey :0
I'm excited to be friends with you❤️
I like your profile too!!
1 måned siden
Ah, het is een prize figure, was te verwachten. :) Zolang ik d'r voor een goede prijs kan krijgen vind ik dat prima. Ik ben alleen wel een beetje bang dat dit er mogelijk 1 gaat worden met een dure aftermarket door het uniekere design...
1 måned siden
Thanks for the friend request! Oh! Ik zie dat je ITEM #1128615 hebt, hoe is haar kwaliteit? :)
1 måned siden
hi! thank you for the friend request:) hope you’re having a great day!
1 måned siden
Hii thanks for the friend request!! I love ur LOV collection <3
1 måned siden
Thank you for the FR! You have such a beautiful collection <3
2 måneder siden
Hiii, Thanks for the FR! <3
3 måneder siden
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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