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Happy Birthday ^^!
6 måneder siden
6 måneder siden
Happy birthday! May you be blessed with Umi URs.
1 år siden
I friended you cuz you posted that pretty Umi shrine pic! XD
Hope ya don't mind!
2 år siden
ActionKazimer (3 år siden) #2714762Wanted to PM you to see if you still have your Monster Hunter nendoroid (Lagombi armor,) but your inbox is full. If you're still selling, let me know!
SALE #61023

3 år siden
Wanted to PM you to see if you still have your Monster Hunter nendoroid (Lagombi armor,) but your inbox is full. If you're still selling, let me know!

SALE #61023
3 år siden
View spoilerHide spoilerwickedhunter (3 år siden) #2438434It's okay (lol) I don't expect anyone to reply instantly XD
OMG... Why did you remind me of the holidays~ Everything is good in my life, minor "speed bumps" but I think everyone has them. Oh no! Why did you sell your guitar? (sry if I'm bringing up any bad feelz) I always wanted to learn an instrument, I've only played the piano but I just mimicked what I saw on Youtube =P Ooh, acoustic, huh? Acoustic isn't my personal favorite, but it's something I catch myself listening too from time to time~ How's everything on your end? Any preorders coming in early Nov.?
That's why I didn't buy anything (collection wise) for myself with money I got from my parents.. Yeah, I had minor jobs or just enough to get by with things I wanted but I still needed support from my parents. Although we'll always need them for as long as they're here I think I can live on my own at the moment, but I rather use this opportunity to save up some money and try to go back to school while I have their support. And return the favor of course (lol) Yeah, depending on how much I preoder~ I like to put at least $20 aside for shipping, I might save more for my Dec. loot because it'll be by far one of the biggest loot I've preorder but I have a lot of money saved for these preorders. I don't like to live check to check, even though I do sometimes just so that I wont touch my savings XD
Don't be too jealous >_< This was by far the fastest World Finals ever~! SKT was so dominate against Royal Club (lol) I had a lot of fun though, seeing all the cosplayers and pro players there! I play EZ from time to time not that good with him but meh, he's one of my just playing for fun champions (just don't tell my friends XD) That Annie & Tib-Tib statue is so AMAZING! I'm really hoping they do scale figures or more of these cute nendoroids ^~^ How's your favorite champion? or main?
Yes, magnet~ I've never heard of it either, I didn't find out until I was looking up reviews of her on Youtube. Luckily the only things that are removable are her ghost, hat, and parcel. I've dropped her hat like 3 times already... I almost died 3 times in the past week!! I'm planning on making a custom cabinet for my P.O.P collection (kind of have to since I've ran out of space in my current cabinet or just buy a new one lol), but aside from that I've decided to make a "Perona Shrine" I really like her design, laugh, voice, etc... I can personally go on for days~ I love it when people ship Zoro & Perona <3 I didn't notice this but, my first 2 One Piece figures that I had ever bought were Perona ITEM #77892 and Zoro ITEM #99575. I unintentionally shipped these 2 ♥__♥ I really want to hunt Luffy down, but I did some research of what my local shops currently have from my "Wished" list and they only have Usopp, Zoro, and Robin (all Sailing Again ver.) so I might get these while they're in range and avoid paying for shipping ~ OMG! You're such a bad influence XDD I too need to save and as much as I do want to buy her, I think I should complete the crew first (even though I bought Perona first XD) As for a tree, I'm planning on having a small one with a mountain of gifts that will hide it lolol
I don't know if you're interested in these P.O.P. figures but they're going up for preorder in 3 days~ you should check it out >> pop-onepiece.bl...
I'm really interested because these have gone up in price so much that it's not even funny... Plus there is some bootlegs out their and I would hate to get a bootleg for the price of an original!

I sold my guitar because I want to play acoustic. I was learning on acoustic guitar (a very cheap one), then moved on electric. But it didn't felt right xd I don't know why but I was still moving back to my cheap acoustic guitar xd Probably it's everything because of the style I play. I love blues and very soft notes. I don't like when my guitar makes noises like it's screaming. But It's okay now :) My Ibanez is in a good hands xd

November... omg, I have Rebecca CB, Thunder Soldier P.O.P and Sakura Kinomoto nendoroid, just awaiting my payment xd Can't wait for amai ami invoice because I want them like right now <3 I love how they turned out so much! And btw, I just ordered Elin ITEM #256236 and Sakura from Kotobukiya. I'm freaking out about that Elin figure, hope she turns out well. They are a new company and I'm REALLY worried ;___; Do you play Tera maybe? I'm going to have a third character now XD I'm so addicted to this game lol You should play it too if you don't!

Eitherway I'm jealous! That was a great and big event, and moreover that place was full of LOL fans :3
My favorite character from LOL... let's see. Definitely Annie, Fiora (her ult <3), Le Blanc, Diana, Shyvana, Ashe (first character I bought. I played houndred of times with her and still love her. She is a great carry in right hands) aaand Fiddlesticks (No words, best jungler ever made <3). How about you? I know that you like to play EZ (won't tell anyone XD don't worry!), but there must be more ~

Perona shrine, aw, that sounds good :D Do you have pictures of your cabinets somewhere? I'm going to buy a white DETOLF from Ikea myself but still looking for some kind of inspiration haha I hope you'll find Luffy at the local store soon! And I'm not a bad influence XDD Look how happy you are you bought Perona! haha :D I'd like to say now "Money doesn't give you happiness, but shopping can" XD

Well, actually I would love to have a few CB myself but these re-color doesn't seem to be a nice idea from Megahouse. It's great they want to make the best quality figures and all, but I prefer the older release of these. I think't I'm gonna pass untill I'll be super rich XD; Then maybe I'll reconsider buying all of them XD
3 år siden
View spoilerHide spoilerwickedhunter (3 år siden) #2425492(*´∀`*) lol, well it's a pleasure to meet you ^~^ Ish is my nickname, short for Ismael and no it's not JP XD I'm glad you like it though lol
Having a job changes everything so much! Although a lot of my extra money goes to figures atm lololol $110 is a lot, but I think it's very worth it since it was limited to the LoL World event! I feel you on the "WANTS" for LoL merchandise, I bought Pulsefire Ezreal at the S3 LoL World Tournament last year but I got the Chromed one since they didn't have the colored one anymore O_o But it's still a really nice statue! OMG! I'm not saying this just to say it... But I too am waiting for an Annie & Tibbers figure!! <3 Annie and my friend pushing me to play was one of the reasons why I started playing~ My first 150-200 wins/loses were with Annie!! And don't say "THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN"!! Did you see pictures of Annie & Tibbers statue at PAX!?!? The hype for Annie EZ-REAL (lol) I'm just saying, keep your fingers crossed ;)
Yes, yes it is a new PERONA-CHWAN~ <3 <3 <3~ Maybe they thought Kumashi wasn't too appealing as his regular form (zombie baar)? The hollows are really nice!
Well as my first impression took place at the store~ lol I see her there every time I visit but I've never held the box XD So when I was holding it, I was amazed on how BIG the box is! After taking her out of the box I wasn't able to pick my jaw off the floor XDDDD THE DETAILS~ OMG THE DETAILS~ From her dress, hair, umbrella, face, Kumashi, to even her pantsu ;) (yo ho ho ho ho ho) (God I love Gothic Lolitas!) Her hat has a magnet to stay in place, although it's a bit hard to keep on due to her parcel pushing it, but if positioned right then it holds up just right! I really love this figure! I'm trying to make space in my filled glass cabinet XD
Yes, it's your fault (lol) If I hadn't talked to you about this I wouldn't have made up my mind on what character I would want first and because Perona was already in "range" I was weak and couldn't resist =P It's not a bad thing, I'm actually really happy I was able to talk to you about this. I keep throwing excuses when I come close to buying one lol (so THANK YOU!!) When did you get your perona, they had this one for $70-90 a year ago at my local anime store and I didn't buy it...

I'm truly sorry for my late reply but I couldn't find time to write back D: I hope you don't mind. I had a busy week... and those holidays and all... I forgot about MFC a little xd How's your life lately? Everythig ok? :) Yesterday I sold my guitar and I feel like I lost a part of me XD; But nevermind, I'm fine now. (And yes, I play guitar ^^; For a two years or so, I'm thinking about buying an acoustic now)

Yeah, if someone wants to collect for real he needs to get a job. It isn't even right to get money from parents when you are an adult :/ I'm saving lately for my November Loot XD From my calculations I think I'm gonna spend like 10k yen for everything (only three figures lol) depends on how much the shipment will cost... this is the worst part of amiami.
I really am jealous of that S3 tournament you were at! I wish I could attend on one too. But that's rather not possible for a poor girl like meh XD; And Ezreal! <333 I never played that guy but his pulsefire skin looks awesome (and I hate his ulti XDDD). And yup, I saw that outstanding statue with Annie and Tibby! :D Gee, maybe you are right. I hope they will make more nendos at least or think about making some LOL PVC figure ^^

First of all - magnet? OMG, never heard of that but this must be useful and more secure (I'm always afraid I might break something when putting my figure together XD; Magnets are definitely something I wanna try). Although as you said I believe it's still hard to put it on. I'm really happy for you! And I hope she finds best place in your cabinet :DDD She is worth it >D
Well, I'm glad it's my fault >:D I love Perona from the first chapter I saw her in. She is a great character with even greater design. I hope you'll get Luffy now, or Zoro (I dunno why but I kinda like when people are pairing Perona with Zoro xd) to accompany her ^___^ I was thinking about buying Shirahoshi from Animarket for half the price but christmas is coming and better for me to save some money xd I still need to buy a new christmas tree to my new home haha But maybe wu are interested? She is for 50$ only now, if she is still saleable since the were low in stock.
3 år siden
I think he understands :D You are such a nice person ^^ Thank you! I'm Jessica, nice to meet you too ~ :3 Is that your real name or a nickname? It has a "japanese vibe" XD I like it very much <3

I understand you completely... Having a work is a great thing ^^! And wow 110$ for Ahri, that's a great deal! I think I'm gonna pass on buying her tho she looks lovely. But 200$ for a nendo is just too much even if I love this character and always wanted something from LOL. anyways I'm still hoping for Annie figure <3 Because of her I started playing LOL XD; But this never gonna happen ;___;

Is that new Perona I see in your collection you are talking about *A* ? OMG OMG OMG I want her sooo bad too! You are so lucky :D I love her hair, her dress and kumashi <33 (I really don't get it why they didn't add him on the earlier Perona. But two hollows are fine with me too XD) Tell me more about her *A* Your first impression and all. And why my fault? XD awww, idk I should be happy or to be scared XDDD But that's a great thing to hear anyway! ^_________^ haha
3 år siden
View spoilerHide spoilerwickedhunter (3 år siden) #2422531Yes, yes they are~ P.O.P. was one of the main reasons why I started collecting again and with the help of my friend GVRDO triggering this passion I'm one step closer to finally getting them <3
As for which Luffy, I really want the P.O.P. Neo edition the most (although they're all great -__-) and the sooner the better since the longer I wait, the harder they are to find and lets not talk about the prices XD
I'm sure you'll get all the ones from your list ^~^ You might have to put somethings on the side to be able to get them but I think it'll be worth! Plus going to events trying to hunt for these is always fun! As for my wallet, I signed a contract allowing these companies to own it for the next couple of years =P

wow, you are so lucky to have a friend who also loves figures :D I don't have anyone like that. Not a close one. You know what? It's quite similar with me, I didn't really know how my collection should look like until I bought Perona. I've been reading OP manga for years now but since I was a student I couldn't afford to buy myself anything except mangas and minor stuff. I hope that you will get more P.O.Ps soon :D Your collection looks awesome even now (where did you get your Ahri nendo btw?) <3 ^______^

Neo are the best imo :) I don't really like the re-painted (they are sparkling too much XD), but these regular are great! And yup, I learn that myself - don't ever hesitate on buying figures. When I look at the prices for Carue now I can't believe few years ago his price was just around 5,000Y only. Now It's over 30,000Y for A/B XD And I don't want to mention Ace's figure (I saw one for 200,000Y on mandarake XD;)

I hope so too ^^ Events are great, sometimes you can buy a figure for half the price if you're lucky :D
3 år siden
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