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Shirou succumbs to a houseplant.
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windir3 år siden#20733500Hey Cyberleader, happy birthday. :)

3 år siden
windir4 år siden#11775953Just had a check over the listings. Looks good to me. The only thing missing would be that rare Cybertron Base contest figure.

do you mean this www.transformer... if so does that mean I should include the gold ones in the galaxy force line.
4 år siden
I'm fairly sure I have finished all the ENCYCLOPEDIA #34535 listing could you double check and let me know if I've missed any thing or made a mistake.
4 år siden
windir4 år siden#11229726What happened, did you add it as Rijie?

yea I guess I did wrong there.
4 år siden
dam it I'm being told off again alert.php?mode=...
4 år siden
crap how bad have I messed up this time alert.php?mode=...
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windir4 år siden#10992799Hopefully you can get back into doing reviews eventually. I watched your review for Cybertron Optimus and it was well done. You'll definitely benefit from having a better camera. GIGABEETLE has some funny stuff, even if I don't know too much about Kamen Rider.

I have a load of raw review footage I recorded some where that I never got round to editing I really should do that some day. I stopped recording when my camera broke and I just never got round to replacing it hope to get back to it when I get a new camera I can uses for that and for live streaming.

GIGABEETLE is great and he changes up what he does he does marvel Godzilla and even star wars posts as well as many other stuff but I do recommend looking up his early work with showa rideres he had a series of photos of V3 going on a cocaine bender its really funny.
4 år siden
windir4 år siden#10897642Sure thing Cyberleader. Yeah Robotmasters was an interesting line. It pre-dated Transformers Classics and all the collector-focused lines with new molds that came later, but it was sort of an early version of that concept.
I haven't seen the Japanese Beast Wars series either, but that never stops me from getting hooked on the figures. :P Lio Convoy is one of my favorite character designs. I kind of regret not picking up the re-release of Robotmasters Lio Convoy that came out in 2014. ITEM #234250
I only JUST found out about that G2 Megatron/Starscream release as I was browsing around a bit since we were talking about these figures. Pretty crazy at how limited a release it saw. And it basically ended up being Starscream & BB.
Hmm, I'm not totally sure I did find your youtube page. I may have seen it, but I was kinda flipping back and forth between a few different reviews of Star Saber and the Victory Saber set looking for clues. One of them may have been yours. Lots of cool photos in your deviantart album. I like the shots of Human Alliance Jazz and Alternators Shockwave/Shockblast facing off. Those are 2 awesome figures. If I ever get a Tumbler or DeviantArt account I'll add you. :P

I never knew about thros reissues have to remember to link them when I post the robot masters ones.

the only thing that bugs me about the robot masters line is why they have terrible hip and knee articulation but then I only have starscream and star saber to go by for that but they do make great figures if you want something to mess about wheith RM starscream is my go often if I just want to transform something makes me want his repaints.

as for my youtube its a bit abandoned at the moment as I currently dont have a decent camera but when I do I have 2 things planed 1 filming more reviews on my channel www.youtube.com... and 2 after talking it over with the sight I'm going to be doing a spechil series on picarto.tv/ where I will be streaming me making / customising gunpla.

o if you get a Tumbler or DeviantArt or even a twitter account I recomend looking up GIGABEETLE really funny what he does with his figuarts.
4 år siden
windir4 år siden#10864366Man, I forgot about the RiD version. That set looks pretty good. I had the Starscream & BB set from Beast Wars II in my sights for a long time, but I guess I just never found the right deal. All the different versions look nice in their own way.
As for the figures you're mulling over, since RM-10 G1 Convoy and RM-23 Lio Convoy have metallic finishes, I'd say give them their own entries since that's a noticeable difference from the standard versions. Then you can just link them to their standard versions as variants under Related Items. You may want to mention that RM-10 and RM-23 each include a DVD.
For the Black Victory Saber gift set I agree that splitting them into separate entries makes sense. They seem to be called "Limited Black version" so you may wanna add that in the "version" field. "限定ブラックver" for the Japanese.
I'm not 100% sure what to do with the the standard Victory Saber gift set. Are there any differences that you know of between the figures in the gift set and the single boxed versions? I watched some youtube reviews and it looks like the gift set Star Saber has a metallic sheen to some of the paint aps, whereas the standard version uses a flat color. I'm not sure I could see any differences with Victory Leo.
Yeah you can just leave the # blank on Skywarp and Thundercracker.
And thanks for the friend request. ^^

thanks for the advise again Robotmasteres really does not get the love it deserves except when it comes to the prices then it does.
I have not seen beat wars 2 or neo yet so items from that series I tend to pass over I'm probably going to regret that at a later date.
speaking of thros molds have you ever seen the Megatron and Starscream versions they only had a test market releases so there supper rare.
I'm kind of impressed you found me youtube channel since its a bit different to my name on here due to it being my third channel after the first two were lost.
dont know if this interests you but I have tumblar cyberleader2000... and deviantart cyberleader2000... accounts
as or the friend request no problem we have been chatting so much I just seams like a good Idea.
4 år siden
windir4 år siden#10850439Cool cool. Looks good. Those G2 Dreadwing & Smokescreen molds always looked really nice to me but I've never owned any of them.
Good question about the giftset. Normally what I would do is something like these items here ITEM #343053 ITEM #343052 where you have just the one item page for each figure and then under "Releases" it lists the different ways the items were released.
But recently this item was added to the DB ITEM #430828, and as you may notice it's the same exact items as ITEM #167012 and ITEM #167011, just bundled together in the same box. And if you look at this comment here comment/9026193, it was a moderator who approved of adding this bundle as a new entry.
So it's probably your call at this point. If you want to add a new entry, just list all the items together in that entry and specify that it's a giftset. If someone alerts it or takes issue with how you added it, you can just show them that comment from the moderator.
If you want to do it the way I did it with the Shinkalion, you may have to alert the items that you want to edit if they are undrafted.

if you get a chance grab any version of thros molds there way fun I own 2 of them always wanted the RM ones but could never afford them so I got the RID ones but a couple of months back a twitter mate of mine was selling his and he gave me a good deal seeing as they were missing the spechil guns that thros versions came with I did not mind that and he threw in 2 extra missile larncheres which I prefer he had the otheres for sale as well but I did not have the money at the time to get them all but some day I hope to have them all.

as for the listings there are 3 I'm mulling over how to do them 1 is this

2 the problom with this one is both Lio and G1 Convoy have 2 edichions
toys.tfw2005.co... / toys.tfw2005.co...
toys.tfw2005.co... / toys.tfw2005.co...

3 would this set be 2 or 1 listing I'm guessing 2 listing linked

4 the last one the RM skywarp and Thundercracker came in a gift set but as far as I can tell they have no set number do I miss it out when I list them ?
4 år siden