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Not sure if your inbox is full, I've been trying to contact you back about the figure set. if you're still interested please message me back asap as I have another user also interested
11 måneder siden
i know this could be a bit late Please contact me further if you have the blue eyes statue from good smile as i am very desperate to buy one thanks.
2 år siden
Hi do you have the blue eyes good smile company for sale?
2 år siden
Hey is your inbox full? I've been trying to contact you about shipping out the Guts garage kit but you haven't responded back.
3 år siden

Do you still have the DBZ Father / Son Kamehameha Diorama by Proovy?
are you selling it..?
3 år siden
Sent you a pm.
3 år siden
xjh74 år siden#15377132Hi mate yes I've got ichigo from square enix:) lemme know if keen, u on Facebook? Can send pics of the damage


please contact me via facebook. thanks
3 år siden
send you a pm :)
4 år siden
i pm'd you regarding killer bee
4 år siden
pm me for ur ichigo
4 år siden
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