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Om Meg

Hello, my nickname is Zenobia but my real name is Alejandra and I´m from Mexico, Tamaulipas state.
I just started collecting figures since last year (2013) but I did collect CDs and merch from many japanese bands that I love since 2011. Bands like MALICE MIZER, Kaya, Art Cube and GACKT. Also, this year I decided that I will be only buying figures and what I got left of MALICE MIZER discography :3

(。ゝω・)~♡ Love: LGBT ♡ BL&GL ♡ slash&femslash ♡ fanfiction sucker ♡ drawing ♡ painting ♡ books ♡ cooking ♡ photography ♡ arts ♡ videogames ♡ old Visual Kei ♡ lolita fashion ♡ cute things ♡ cats ♡ lolishota ♡ Anne Rice - The vampire chronicles ♡ Lestat de Lioncourt ♡ Hannibal Lecter

(*゚∇゚)~ Fandoms: N. G. Evangelion ♡ D. Gray-Man ♡ Yu-Gi-Oh! ♡ Attack on Titan ♡ Pokemon ♡ Free! ♡ Kuroshitsuji ♡ CLAMP (Rayearth, CC Sakura, X, xxxHolic, Tsubasa) ♡ Sailor Moon ♡ Hannibal ♡ LoTR ♡ Hobbit ♡ Sherlock ♡ Marvel/ Avengers ♡ Alien ♡ Predator

OTPS ~♡ Kawoshin ♡ Marisuka ♡ Eruri ♡ Eremin ♡ Yullen/Arekan ♡ Link>Allen<Kanda ♡ Puzzleshipping ♡ Prideshipping ♡ Battleshipping ♡ Candleshipping ♡ Preciousmetalshipping ♡ Namelesshipping/originalshipping ♡ Issushipping

Movies ~♡ Hayao Miyazaki´s ~ Predator ~ Alien ~ AvsP ~ Hellraiser ~ Batman (Nolan verse) ~ X-Men ~ Avengers ~ Thor ~ Harry Potter ~ The Lord of the Rings ~ The Hobbit // sci-fi, fantasy, animation, drama, gay themes.

♫ ~ Music: MALICE MIZER ~ Kaya ~ Közi ~ GACKT ~ XA-VAT ~ Art Cube ~ BUCK-TICK ~ Kalafina ~ Chopin ~ Erik Satie ~ Bach ~ Hans Zimmer ~ John Williams ~ Sound Horizon ~ 六弦アリス ~ 梶浦 由記 ~ Epica ~ Queen ~ Pink Floyd & many more!
BL&GL; Evangelion, Attack on Titan, D.Gray-Man, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Death Note, Sailor Moon, CLAMP, Marimite; Predator & Alien, LoTR, Hobbit, Sherlock, HP, Avengers, etc.
D.Gray-Man, AonT, Kuroshitsuji, Sailor Moon, Let Dai, Petshop of Horrors, Claymore, Kink Memes; Anne Rice, Thomas Harris, Haruki Murakami & more.
Diablo II & III, WoW, Pokemon, YGO, Ninja Gaiden, DMC, Sims, Star Project.
MOE Poeng
bishonen, bishoujo, loli & shota, BL, GL
MALICE MIZER, Kaya, Art Cube, Közi, XA-VAT, BUCK-TICK, Sound Horizon&Revo, Kalafina, Sagisu Shirou, Hans Zimmer, Chopin, Erik Satie// Classical, J-pop, rock & Visual Kei.
Macbook Pro 13"



May I ask where you got the Natsume Yuujinchou trading figures at? I would love to get my hands on those...
3 år siden
Happy Birthday !
4 år siden
DeadlyAnime Web Designer
View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
4 år siden
Got your email and everything :). Can't wait to receive it! Let me know when your Asuka arrives and we can fawn over her together XD.
4 år siden
_JY (4 år siden) #2416351Haha, I just saw them. No worries, I just got a little worried since you were replying so quick beforehand. Thanks so much for getting me this figure <3. If you create an ad, I'd be happy to leave you some feedback after I receive the figure!

No, thanks to you! I was very worried about those extra figures ;_; oh, and again sorry for be late! a friend called me very upset because his usual store didn't respect his preorder so he was very mad and begged me for help ;u;
Well, when I get to know how to do that, I'll tell you haha
Thanks and have a good night!
4 år siden
zenobia_k (4 år siden) #2416350Hi! Are you still online? Please check your messages and sorry for be late! Thanks a lot for your help ;__;

Haha, I just saw them. No worries, I just got a little worried since you were replying so quick beforehand. Thanks so much for getting me this figure <3. If you create an ad, I'd be happy to leave you some feedback after I receive the figure!


4 år siden
zenobia_k (4 år siden) #2413378Hi!
At the moment both Asukas has been claimed but we haven't receive an answer from ami yet about the splitting and address change, so if a user doesn't want theirs anymore, I'll let you know ASAP!
Thanks for the interest ;A;

That would be appreciated.
4 år siden
zenobia_k (4 år siden) #2412460Well, 2 friends of mine asked me to preorder her but they just told me that they can't afford theirs anymore (and I can't pay for three x__x) so I have two preorders available by amiami; I have not idea of how to pass these orders to someone else or what to do ;_; If there's anyone interested it'll appreciated ;A;

Hi, do you still have those pre-orders? I need 1 and I'm in the USA.
4 år siden
Hola!! gracias por el dato! de hecho descubrí que tmb hacen caso a tus requests ; _ ; <3 ... es que como vi que restockearon los pockys que quería, hice mi pedido (aunque pensándole mucho y por eso se acabaron otras cosillas, pero bueno, ya para la otra) y pedí si me lo podían enviar hasta mayo 8 (que vendría a ser 7 aquí) calculando que así yo este aquí cuando llegue del viaje, y fueron tan geniales que enviaron mi pedido hasta entonces =')! (osea hoy xD)... ahora espero que llegue todo bien, de hecho hasta le avise al cartero y le encargue mucho los paquetes.. espero que todo salga bien *-*... y que tmb tu pedido llegue muy bien!! ^-^ , compartes fotos o algo ;)zenobia_k (4 år siden) #2128070Holis:3
Vaya, no pensé que fueran a acabarse ésos pockys! Iba a comprarlos pero como preferí los mochi/dangos pues saqué varios pocky pandas ;A;
En cuanto a tu pregunta, sólo tardan umm medio día; hice mi orden el 28 a las 9:00pm y ya para las 7:00 am del 29 habían hecho el envío ;33
Si mi paquete llega primero ya te avisaré si todo llega en buen estado; me preocupan los dangos de chocolate, espero que no se derritan D;
Saludos! Y que tengas bonita noche y buen inicio de semana *A*
4 år siden
Holaaaaaaa =D Muy bien gracias =D!!! Como que ya ni te acordabas de armin O.O??? XDDD dioses y eso que yo tengo mala memoria XDDDD Ummmm de pagarme via paypal seria algo problematico por eso de que te quitan comisiones y esas cosas, prefiero evitarlo lo mas posible >.< Y pues el figma sale en julio si puedes tener todo el dinero para finales de junio no me molesto XDD para que ya esten los fondos en mi cuenta de banco y GSC pueda cobrarse en cuanto este lista la orden =D
4 år siden
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