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  • My Orders keep coming in Opened

    I've never had any issues with TOM until this year. The last 2 figures I have received were 1/4 bunny figures, Nakiri Alice and Shion. Both of these were packed well.

    When I took the figure box out however, it was clear someone had opened the box from the bottom due to clear creasing.

    Absolutely disgusting practice from these guys. One time, ok, I'll take whatever excuses are given, now another.

    Definitely not paying retail for "new" opened figures from these clowns anymore.
    3 måneder siden
  • OK for... some things?

    I haven't used TOM in over a year, but I was a frequent customer from early 2018 to (roughly) 2020, to early 2021. This mostly just going to be a short review. I can't speak for how they have ran things in the past two years (later 2020, '21, and '22) but I'll give my experience based on the past.

    I wouldn't use their service unless they're an extreme last resort. Even as a US customer I felt cheated out of paying a lot for a certain scale that only they and a few other places stocked, as they were the only partners the manufacturer had. Using a JP retailer as a US customer feels way more worth it if you're just ordering once every blue moon. While many take advantage of their points system, I feel that the difference to actually get those points isn't worth it.

    Their packaging is OK. It was sometimes a bit overkill though, and its a pretty big deal if they over package small items like a nendoroid or prize figure, since in the past they've asked me multiple times to pay a difference in shipping. It wasn't cheap either.

    Their customer service does answer pretty often, but they are so completely clueless themselves, nor can they help in actually giving you an answer at times that I feel like I was talking to a wall. I would ask a lot about when/if things would delay, besides other pretty important matters, and they'd always always help; but they also had their uncertainties that honestly didn't make it worth it to purchase from them.

    For their in-stock items, I don't think with current inflation, and their already higher prices before the pandemic, that I can recommend them. Any standard JP retailer as a US customer at the moment is a better deal. It's barely different of a grand total if you have to pay a higher shipping cost.

    For preorders, I can't speak for what they offer nowadays, but they do sometimes stock things that some JP retailers do not. That is truly the only benefit their store has. Aniplex is a partner with them, and they carry exclusive POs/restocks, so that's good; but it's also ... probably the same price ... as buying from JP, even after all the fees a proxy (if you had to buy it from an exclusive site) would throw onto you.

    I feel like I'm repeating myself (sorry).

    I think that's all I have to really say about their service, so I'll conclude my review here.
    4 måneder siden
  • My experience with TOM.

    During September of 2021, I ordered ONE figure and I was very excited for it to arrive as I've heard TOM is legit, has good shipping and good selections!...well, TOM is legit, everything's a good price BUT there is of course a con. THE SHIPPING. (I GOT NO TRACKING EITHER!) I was able to move houses and the owners that bought the house I lived in were able to demolish it before my figure even had arrived!? I get that there is a pandemic but I expect shipping to be at least a little faster. Thankfully it did arrive though, and it's beautiful! I won't order from here again but it's a good place to start I guess?
    4 måneder siden
  • Be prepared to wait months for your items to ship

    TOM can be a good option if you take advantage of the points and premium when purchasing a lot of figures/pre-orders. However, your orders will ship out 2-6 (yes, 6!) months after other collectors already have theirs. You will also not be able to cancel your pre-orders so if you see another shop with the item in stock, you're stuck unless you can offload the pre-order.
    7 måneder siden
  • Avoid preordering

    TOM is fine for in-stock products, if a bit overpriced sometimes, but you can get a good deal occasionally if you have TOM points or a coupon.

    My main issue with the site is the insane preorder delays. They already mark their preorders as arriving months after the figure’s initial release, which, fine - they have a US warehouse and have to wait for their products to arrive. But recently, all of my preorders have been in delay limbo for months on end. A figure was initially estimated to ship in September 2021. It was moved to October, then November, then January 2022. It’s now been delayed to March 2022. There’s no communication, and no estimate for when products will actually arrive. They will also refuse to cancel and refund orders even with these long indeterminate delays.

    I’d avoid making any preorders with TOM unless there’s literally no other option. Between the indefinite delays, the upfront payment, and the rigid cancellation policies, it just is not worth it.
    1 år siden
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