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  • Nice website

    Very good store. Great customer service, fairly fast shipping. It doesn't have as much stock as bigger websites like AmiAmi, but they usually have far cheaper prices. The website is pretty primitive, though, but I hear they are working to address that issue.
    19 dager siden
  • Bad Business Practice And Out Of Touch

    I started using Hobby Genki earlier this year and after a couple good experiences, was going to start using them often since they give you a shipping quote before preordering. Well after they decided to cancel both my pre-orders for the Pokemon Lillie figures for a mistake on their part, I'll probably avoid them from now on and use them as a shipping reference only.

    As far as the error, they allowed people to make orders on the Pokemon Kotobukiya Lillie figures and use the buy now pay later option, since the figures didn't release for over a year. Well after the preorders closed everywhere else, they sent emails to everyone who chose that option and said it was a mistake and cancelled the orders instead of allowing people the option to go ahead and pay for the items. When contacted they just brush you off with a simple generic email. Terrible way of doing business in my opinion.
    1 måned siden
  • Cancelled Pay Later Preorder

    They decided to cancel all orders of the two Lillie Kotobukiya figures that used the Pay Later feature on the website. Their excuse was the pay later should not have been an option when placing the order. Instead of giving customers a chance to pay now, they cancelled all of the pay later orders with ZERO notice. This happened two days after Pokemon Center closed the preorder period for these limited figures.

    Do not trust preordering on this site, will not recommend to friends, and will never use this site again when ordering figures.
    2 måneder siden
  • just okay

    good product and shippinng price.
    however the preparing progess and customer service response time are tooooo longgggg. Have to wait 10 days to finish package and ship. Email they send sometimes has some fault format.
    2 måneder siden
  • So great!

    Best customer service ever and the prices are even better than any other japanese store (also the warehouse extra is magnificent!)
    100% recomendable if you are from EU
    6 måneder siden
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