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  • Archonia conclusion

    I really like this store but they can definitely improve. The great thing about them is that they are very reliable and fast when they have stock of your desired products and especially their anime collection Is huge no European store sells so many American released anime and their prices are usually decent when it comes to figurines. The only downside is that they tend to make a mess of delivery times when they don’t have stock and they tend to push pack pre orders in to the next millennium.

    I Would really recommend this store for both figurines, manga ore anime.
    3 år siden
  • My opinion about Archonia.com

    I think it's a really good site, especially for people in Europe. The reason the prices are higher than others is simple: Archonia stocks things in Belgium, so they need to pay taxes to import things (since they're coming from countries outside Japan). Belgium's taxes are pretty high sometimes. The only bad thing is, once something is sold out, you can't find it back anymore. Plus, you never know when something is sold out so you have to regularly check the product you want.
    4 år siden
  • So glad I found this shop!

    At first I was skeptical because of some of the reviews I read, and people talking about their high prices. But it was one of the few sites left that had the Tohka nendoroid I wanted in stock, and at the lowest price too. Compared to US figure prices, Archonia's prices didn't seem that high at all. My item was shipped right after I paid, packed well, and though I wasn't sure how Belgium post would be, it arrived faster than I expected (only 2 weeks). I just wish that it had tracking with bpost, but that's my only complaint. I would shop here again.
    4 år siden
  • Good shop.

    For figures they are kind of expensive but for manga's they are cheap! Well for me then... ^^
    And their service is excellent. Once I bought a DVD box of Rurouni Kenshin and one dvd was damaged. I needed to send it back and in 2 days I had a very new one without any payments!
    4 år siden
  • A good experience with Archonia

    For my first experience using this shop I found that the item selection was very good however the prices are quite expensive so it's more of a shop to go to when other sites appear fruitless when looking for the item(s) you want. I got the new Freezing Girls/Satellizer binder, the price was reasonable and the shipping wasn't to expensive, It arrived safely with recorded delivery. Well packaged and protected. A good shop indeed again one to use if you can't get what you want of AmiAmi/Mandarake and other JP sites. (*^_^*)
    4 år siden
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