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  • Good shop

    The stock management is really good, so there is no bad surprise. They have a lot of different products although their shipping costs and prices are a bit high. Their communication is also great.
    8 måneder siden
  • Rajke Ca fanatic
    Good shop

    Good shop with great customer service. Prices varies. Prices are mostly market comform. I have multiple figures from them and never had some issues.
    1 år siden
  • best shop near me(holland)

    shoping ther for 2 years now and still no complaints.
    2 år siden
  • Cheapest Prize Figures in Europe

    When it comes to Prize Figures Archonia is my first choice. Unfortunately their prices for other figures increased over the past 2 years.
    2 år siden
  • My opinion about Archonia.com

    I think it's a really good site, especially for people in Europe. The reason the prices are higher than others is simple: Archonia stocks things in Belgium, so they need to pay taxes to import things (since they're coming from countries outside Japan). Belgium's taxes are pretty high sometimes. The only bad thing is, once something is sold out, you can't find it back anymore. Plus, you never know when something is sold out so you have to regularly check the product you want.
    3 år siden
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PVC anime figure store.