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  • Good

    I haven't recieved any products so I leave things blank. The customer service looks for me nice but I've never used so actually also blank :p. item selection is pretty good, stock is good normal I guess xD. Items prices are a bit higher then official shops (reddotcommerce) their prices are sometimes 10,- cheaper but the payment option for me was actually pretty nice not everywhere you can pay with iDeal so... but it's a really good webshop for me is it a 7.5/10 ♥
    11 måneder siden
  • Good shop

    The stock management is really good, so there is no bad surprise. They have a lot of different products although their shipping costs and prices are a bit high. Their communication is also great.
    1 år siden
  • Rajke Ca fanatic
    Good shop

    Good shop with great customer service. Prices varies. Prices are mostly market comform. I have multiple figures from them and never had some issues.
    2 år siden
  • best shop near me(holland)

    shoping ther for 2 years now and still no complaints.
    3 år siden
  • Cheapest Prize Figures in Europe

    When it comes to Prize Figures Archonia is my first choice. Unfortunately their prices for other figures increased over the past 2 years.
    4 år siden
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