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  • Very good seller

    I bought two items on Ninoma shop and I didn't have any problems. Its customer service is very good. Ninoma has a lot of rare items. I think I will do other orders from it.
    1 år siden
  • Sadly my order didn't work

    I ordered a discounted item and paid right away.

    The next morning I had a cancellation notice - the item was not in stock. I got refunded quickly and got a polite reply for asking why they're offering figures not in stock regarding their system had a kind of mistake, showing wrong status from the many suppliers they have.

    Now it's online again for more than double the price - I don't feel good at this to be honest but what do I know...

    They seem to have a good customer service given the fast answer and politeness.
    1 år siden
    thanks you for your kind feedback.
    As stated in our dedicated topic :

    "We have experienced some issues with few orders that were incorrect due to a supplier-side issue.
    Anyways cancellation that may have resulted is our responsibility and we sincerely apologies for the disturbance. "

    Unfortunately your order was part of that batch and indeed resulted in a cancellation.
    There is unfortunately no trick here and we're very concerned with the loss of confidence that was created. We'll do our best next time in order to avoid such disturbance.
  • Great shop!

    Received my second order from Ninoma today and everything was great again, just like last time. Ninoma is my go to place for figures now! Highly recommended, good prices and fast shipping.
    1 år siden
  • Nice Experience!

    First time ordering from them, but will definitely continue. My package was shipped out quickly and arrived in perfect condition. The price was quite fair. Thank you!
    1 år siden
  • Very good shop

    Great shop I've discovered recently thanks to MFC. I managed to get my Kaitendoh Rias Gremory Bunny ITEM #464858
    for retail after the release date.
    Communication is easy and the staff is really courteous, you definitely feel like you are treated like a customer and not like serial number XXX.
    It's one of the few shops that hasn't forgotten the meaning of the word "service".

    I would totally recommend this shop to anybody. Many thanks Ninoma staff.
    1 år siden
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