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  • My favorite german shop

    AllblueWorld is my absolute favorite among german shops. The prices are more than fair for the German market. The goods are always packed well and safely and delivered quickly. In case of queries will be answered quickly.
    4 år siden
  • My #1 Shop in Germany

    - Great service and customer support
    - Fast shipping and great packaging (all iteams are seperatly wrapped in an air bubble film) -> very secure!
    - Questions will be answerd quickly (by mail or facebook massage)
    4 år siden
  • Review

    Great Service.
    fast shipping and the goods are always well packed.
    In the question of older figures The shop is always trying to get them.
    Questions and suggestions will be answered quickly.

    The price-performance ratio for a German shop is perfectly fine
    4 år siden
  • One of my Two favorite German shops

    * very nice and Friendly Customer Service. Allways get an answer in a few hours.
    *canceling a pre order seems fine (in my Case it was one)
    *shipping is fast and safe
    * sometimes you can find a Treasure in Stock or at least for "re-order"

    *only the prices. They are average for germany
    4 år siden
  • <3 The best Shop in Germany :3

    The Support and the Prices are really nice. The Shop have a nice Owner who give a really nice Support. When you want a Figure or an Item he inform you when you clearly said what do you want.
    I really love this Shop and i order the most Figures from the Allblue-World~

    Der Shop ist einfach klasse. Es gibt einen netten Support und auch sind die Preise fair. Sollte man einen Artikel suchen oder wollen kann man es gerne angeben und der Betreiber informiert einem im Notfall auch. So einen Shop wünscht man sich einfach nur als Kunde. Weiter so.
    5 år siden
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