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    I picked up some Senkan Shoujo R (aka Warship Girl R) figures on my recent trip to Japan. These figures are based on a Chinese browser game, and made by Mizimo. The figures seem to be part of a line of figures called Moraririn Q, which is subtitled as the Molly System. I'm not sure why, but the first two sets are incredibly difficult to find. The third one not so much, since it costs a lot more than the others.

    The first figure is of the German cruiser Admiral Scheer. She comes with an alternate face plate.

    The second figure is of the Italian destroyer Antonio da Noli. She comes with an alternate face plate and an arm holding what looks to be a tuna. The set also comes with an instruction sheet which did not seem to be included with the Admiral Scheer set.

    The third figure is of the Italian battleship Vittorio Veneto. She comes with an alternate lower body and arms holding a turret and shell respectively. The set includes a small owl figure representing her Gufo radar system, and a heavy armaments battery with separate base that she can be displayed on. Other extras include a couple of cards, a button, and a set of instructions.

    The Misimo figures stand about 5.5cm tall, so will be shorter than kanmusu from Taito, Bandai, and Good Smile.

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