Chinese and other FiguresIs this website legit in the sense I won't be ripped off?

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    I know they are unlicensed figures. Just wondering if it is safe putting an order through. Thanks.

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    I wouldn't trust it given what these people have said.
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    They are quite legit. They specialize in garage kit (GK), meaning the figure will be heavy, and expensive. Obviously they will source from China, because most of the GK studio are in China. If you can navigate taobao, you can buy directly from the source. It will be about 50-100$ cheaper depending on the model (these resin figures are often in the range of $350-$700. Some will be higher. Some will have a smaller model at cheaper price). But then you will have to deal with shipping problem (since it will be big and heavy). A single model can range anywhere from 12kg to 30kg depending on size and complexity.

    You can join their Facebook page to get a clearer understanding on them. Basically, same with pvc figure, you will have to pay the pre order amount, and wait until the studio finish producing the goods (if it's a new model, not already in stock). The goods will then be shipped to them, then they ship to you.

    They post the products with links to the studio all the time in their FB group (new products will have updates from studio from time to time to keep everyone up to date with the production process), so you may contact the studio directly if you feel like it. I never do it so not sure if the studio takes single order or not, but you can try.
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    If you're worried, pay with PayPal so you get buyers protection. I wouldn't put much stock in some random opinions from random people who have no facts or actual experience with the company posting on reddit.
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    They're legit and you should search r/animefigures rather than scams for people actually in the trade. There are several threads linking out to FNC. They are essentially an aggregator of Chinese/Singaporean studios.


    You can also find the owner referenced in several MFC articles as legitimate but mostly unlicensed.
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