Global shipping/customs ProbsFigures over £135 - Japan or Local

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    Where do you order expensive figures from?

    67%Japanese Store
    33%Local UK Store
    0%Store from another different country
    0%I haven't ordered anything over £135 to know! (Bless your wallet)
    0%Undervalue figures to bypass
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    My main question is, if a figure costs >£135 will you order it from Japan for the cheaper retail price and risk customs, or from the UK where it is more expensive but you don't have to deal with customs whatsoever?

    If you're importing figures into the UK, customs are now only obliged to check/charge you if the value of the goods is over £135. So surely then we should order such figures locally the avoid this right? Except the figures from the UK (notably 1/4 scales) have prices inflated to the point where they can be double the retail! So if you still order from Japan would the cost of the figure + shipping + customs really be more expensive than the marked up prices that UK stores charge?

    Let me know your thoughts / experiences!

    [ Bonus ]
    Do you use services like what Solaris Japan offers to lower the value of your package to under £135 to get around this?
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    I either try to go with Amazon Japan or go local if it's pricier.
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