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This good practice guide should assist our members in buying and selling figures and other items from other members. The reason for this guide is to minimise the risk for our members getting scammed by unscrupolous elements of society. If you suspect a scam or fraudulent transaction, please inform a member of staff immediatily, either by alerting a post or transaction or sending a PM.
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First of all - MyFigureCollection.net owners do not receive any commission and they cannot be held responsible for your actions. In other words, it is not our business! Use this feature at your own risk.
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Choosing Your Trading Partner
Our advice is to take your time and check some references first if possible.
  • Tsuki Peer's Approval Club, which contains a lot of feedback for both sellers and buyers
  • List of users currently banned from creating sale ads. There is a reason for it, be cautious trading with these members.
  • Thread listing user names and email addresses of known scammers. We recommend subscribing to it.
Be aware of unsolicited purchase requests or items sold by new members made via PM. We know everyone has started somewhere but precautions should be taken.

About Payment
Members should NEVER pay by means of "Amazon gift cards", "money order", "Bank Transfer", "PayPal Gift", Western Union or other uninsured payment methods. Only insured payment methods should be used, such as insured Paypal, unless you really know you trading partner.

Amazon Gift Cards: Apart from potentially being scammed out of your money, using this method, Amazon's terms do not allow payments being made anywhere else besides a (the) specific Amazon website. Even worse, a fraudulent transaction involving a gift card may even result in closure of your own account (specific terms may differ from Amazon site to Amazon site).

When paying by PayPal, make sure your trading partner has got a registered address and is verified.

Probably known to some of you, but one interesting part from Paypal - Buyers are NOT covered under their buyer protection scheme, if you pay your trading partner as 'Services'!! Please keep this in mind when paying for your figures and use the Goods option.

Once you decided to go ahead with the transaction, make sure you apply as much information about the item and shipping details into the message box you can use from PayPal during a transaction, in order to aviod any mis-understandings.

About Shipping
Sellers - Consider for yourself, how you despatch an item, even if a cheaper non- tracked shipping method is requested. In the event of something going wrong or the package being lost, it is difficult proving your case to PayPal if the buyer decides to make a claim against you. If possible, consider using the PayPal postage feature.
Buyers - Please consider the Sellers predicament and for your own peace of mind, accept shipping with some sort of tracking. The price difference is usually not much.
Shipping Times - It might be worth agreeing a time frame. Everyone has different expectations, a weeks delay of shipping or without further correspondence may make a trading partner nervous.

After the Sale
Feedback - Be nice and leave feedback for the seller on the ad or buyer in the thread etc., where the transaction has taken place. Try to solve any issues you may have in private, it will help no one if an issue is dragged out in the open and getting others involved. As with the well known auction house, before you leave negative feedback, please try to come to an amicable solution.
- Please Note: Feedback, including and not limited to: excessively rude comments, feeback that instigate conflicts, threats of any level, unwanted harassment, degrading comments towards a person because of their, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or anything else of personal identity, using offensive sources will not be tolerated and will result in a ban from the sales section.

Disputes - Should things indeed go wrong and an amicable solution cannot be found, the best course of action is to start a PayPal dispute. Also, in case of a fraudulent transaction, please do ALL correspondence via a Paypal claim and DO NOT be tempted/duped in closing the claim until you have the result you desire. Once closed, you cannot reopen another claim on the same transaction! Please DO contact a member of staff if you think a fraudulent transaction has taken place (no response from the seller) and we will look into it.

Sellers' Jargon/Abbreviations
BNIB or NIB - Brand New in Box / MIB - Mint in Box / MISB - Mint in Sealed Box
ONO - Or Nearest Offer / OBO - Or Best Offer

  • 2012-06-11: New MFC feature on Ads - Feedback
    FAQ Update - Sales Guidelines - Sale Feedback Guidelines
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