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    Thought it'd be good to have a thread to discuss theories and speculation about the different plot elements, as this show has a lot of mysteries.

    I'll go with my take on things at the moment...

    View spoilerHide spoilerI'd say it's pretty much established that dumb giants are made by either man or giants.
    While Eren was made into a smart giant, we don't know if the village from which Annie and the other two originate were man made giants or a natural trade.

    So are they also man made giants?

    And how did they force giants to produce the walls?

    I'm deducing they were forced into creating the walls since they don't want them to wake up through sunlight.

    How come the giants that raided the castle were active at night time?

    Who is the hairy giant?

    Where *is* Eren's father anyway?

    What's in the basement of his house? Files on man made giant experimentation?

    I believe it's a VERY important plot element the fact that there was a massive plague killing all humans and Eren's father was able to create a vaccine. Maybe it was started by the giants, and this is just step two?

    Why did they wait so many years to resume their attack on humans?
    Why would they stop attacking humans if Eren were to go with them?

    IMO it's to find out the secrets of how to create smart giants, and the dumb ones are failed experiments.

    So yeah, discuss!
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    I believe the animators asked the mangaka about his plot much further beyond what's been drawn. I rather like how the story's been reordered chronologically. With that said, we know from Eren's first mission outside with the Scouting Legion that the attack on Zhiganshina by the Titans was to allow the intelligent giants to mix with the general populace so Annie, Ymir, Berthold, Reiner etc. could eventually train up and become part of the military police. Why? Well I don't know but it has something to do with the King. My conjecture is that there is an advanced civilization that created intelligent transforming giants. My evidence for the advanced civilization? Papa Jaeger brought a cure out of nowhere for an "unknown" epidemic. So back to my conjecture, the advanced civilization splits into two factions and they battle. The "King's side is loing because he doesn't have as many intelligent giants so instead of the injection (Papa Jaeger in Eren's memories); they create n airborne version that made dumb giants out of people. This accidentally created a super powerful common enemy for the warring factions but they didn't unite and the King had his soldiers form the walls while he and his core feasted in luxury within the innermost wall. The King forces his population to forget/lose their advanced knowledge thus cusing a regression in technology. This secret is passed within the King's core who create a religion to stop creative thinking. Papa Jaeger is a member of that core. Annie, Ymir, Berthold, Reiner etc. are pArt of the opposing faction who survived outside the walls and they're there to bring the King to justice.

    To answer your questions,

    1. Yes, dumb giants are man made.

    2. They were the King's soldiers.

    3. Giants aren't weaker at night. They just normally stay still but furry giant urged them on.

    4. The captain of Annie-tachi's unit from the opposing faction. They want to eliminate the population because once freed from oppression, they'll be a liability.

    5. Papa is hunting down the captain OR IS the hairy giant?

    6. Yes

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    I would like to post this theory.
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