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  • Cerberus-kunRegular Boarder
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    4 måneder siden • Oppdatert 4 måneder siden
    Is there anyone in the US that can let me borrow their addres, and then ship the package to me in Norway? Aksys Games has a flash sale (50% off) on some of their otome games only on Valentine Day, but they don't ship to Norway.

    PM me if you can :)
  • syouta0215Regular Boarder
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    Nice to meet you.

    I am not good at English.
    I write it using a translation site.
    I think there are also difficult parts to read.

    I am a Japanese living in Japan.
    I am doing Middleman here.

    Since detailed items such as rules are summarized in a list
    Please read the person who is interested.

    Even questions alone is okay.

    Please feel free to send PM.

    Reply may be delayed because there is a time difference.

    We can participate in events etc.

    thank you for reading.
    my feedback
    LIST #99753

    Middleman rule
    LIST #99754
  • scheznykRegular Boarder
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    3 måneder siden
    Looking for a proxy who can go to Comic City Osaka 114. I'm only looking to pick up some books up from a smallish circle.
  • JohnnyRayfloRegular Boarder
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    1 måned siden • Oppdatert 1 måned siden
    Looking for someone who can buy from Yahoo Japan from a seller who don't want to deal with proxies. If anyone can help please PM me. ç_ç
  • KuromiiHaikyuu nerdlordRegular Boarder
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    1 måned siden
    If anyone ever wants stuff from the UK that shops won't ship abroad for whatever reason (unless it isn't allowed to be shipped, of course), feel free to PM me. I'm happy to be a middleman as long as I incur no cost to myself!

    I can also pick up from shops as long as I can get there easily - just PM me and we can work stuff out. If it is outside of my city then I'll require transport fees.
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