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  • Tenma
    TenmaThe Idolm@sterModerator • lv34
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    11 år siden
    Whats you favorite version of You

    Mine are Rena's and Rika's
  • xxangelchanxx
    xxangelchanxxVery Important Boarder • lv19
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    11 år siden
    Same as you Rena's and Rika's.
  • Tsukuyomi17
    Tsukuyomi17Regular Boarder • lv14
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    11 år siden
    Rika's without a doubt. Satoko's version is cute so i guess it's my 2nd fave.
  • Zawa
    ZawaRegular Boarder • lv16
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    9 år siden
    Rena's, by far. Though Rika's is good, and Keiichi's is awesome :D
  • Matteas
    MatteasRegular Boarder • lv15
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    9 år siden
    Besides the regular You vocal, my favorite is Rika's version. But Dear You Bond/Kizuna is amazing too.
  • otaku-cupcake
    otaku-cupcakeMegley (◡‿◡✿)Regular Boarder • lv15
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    8 år siden
    Rika's and Satoko's,I guess.
  • chapters0
    chapters0Regular Boarder • lv19
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    8 år siden
    i'm confused...link please?
  • Yue-chan
    Yue-chanRegular Boarder • lv17
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    8 år siden
    Rika's , Satoko's and Shion's version .
    And dear you kizuna !
    L'amour entre deux personnes du même sexe est-il interdit dans ce monde ? Après tout ,on ne tombe pas amoureux d'un sexe mais d'un individu .
  • Naku-Chan
    Naku-ChanRegular Boarder • lv12
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    7 år siden
    Oh is this talking about the Dear You songs?
    Rena's one is the best!!...well mostly because she's my favorite and I heard that one first and I listen to it a lot lol XD

    I vision what happens in the song very well also the first time I heard it, I even read the lyrics and it made me love it more.
    Lyrical Tokarev, Kill Them All
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