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    Azamii (5 år siden) #2200484im so tempted to just get my amiami order shipped off today so i can have Yoshino ASAP :P

    Are you still waiting for other preorder figures to be released? if not~ just do it ^^
    5 år siden
    Azamii (5 år siden) #2192902Sooo many haha
    Lol... Mangos
    Special Michael :3

    special is really the only fun way to be ;)
    also im not sure how i missed it but omg nisekoi :>
    5 år siden
    Azamii (5 år siden) #2191884Ok.. So apparently we like very similar anime and you also have an awesome collection :D apparently not such a weirdo :3 :p any recommended anime?

    well thank you very much :>
    but i dunno about the weirdo comment ;D hue hue hue

    Recommendation wise, depends really what you're after :P
    Generally the 10/10's arn't bad tho :D

    (also late reply woo mangos keeping me entertained)
    5 år siden
    Azamii (5 år siden) #2191887What did you end up getting? :D

    Yoshino <3 <3 She's a must get! I also like how they improved on the hoodie ears compared to Hibiki Kuze's
    they were sturdier.

    Btw i have seen two that were sold out on mandarake ekizo.mandarake..., so dun give up ^^ Try typing the japanese name "四糸乃" when hunting for her.

    I've also watched 3 episodes of Date a live, it's pretty funny XD
    Next episode will be yoshino's debut but i havent got time to watch yet ; ;
    5 år siden
    chenz Super Spook (˼●̙̂ ̟ ̟̎ ̟ ̘●̂˻)
    Azamii (5 år siden) #2191891STAHPPP! No more figures! :p

    Wow. You're one to talk :P Hahaha
    5 år siden
    Azamii (5 år siden) #2172661Oh damnn :( I will get her one day!
    I'm not in a rush because my amiami loot for this month is pretty big >_<
    Thanks though ^_^
    I will definitely get some photos when i get her in a couple of weeks

    Omgg i just came back home and saw a delivery notification on my door. It's either yoshino nendoroid or guts plush from kili la kill, but i'm hoping it's Yoshino! I was quite surprised to see this notification since it is 5 days earlier than usual ^^
    5 år siden
    Azamii (5 år siden) #2179413yea i really enjoyed it :D
    i watched it in like a day!
    I got the nendoroids yesturday :D AHH THEY ARE SO CUTE!
    i'm gonna post a review on mfc today/tomorrow because they were pre owned ami ami and i thought it might be helpful :D
    I know isn't he? did you find him alright to put together? People keep telling me he was hard but i didn't have a problem? I dont know if it was because i got second release or what...

    i'll be sure to read the review :)
    i love reading/watching hauls.
    okay it took me like an hour to get him and mikasa posed together on one d:stage, at one point his entire leg fell out of the joint and his 3dmg kept coming off. his back peg was giving me problems i had to really SHOVE the damn thing in. but overall it was pretty much like how any complex figma was :P
    btw do you have any otps?
    5 år siden
    Azamii (5 år siden) #2177123Oh awesome! I also got the Eren figma last week :) and I got some k-on nendoroids all 5 of the band and tohka (from date a live) figure and an Alice nendoroid and they are in the mail :)
    They should be here this week :)
    Oh haha! Yea :( damn. Take photos of your next cosplay :)

    woah lots of nendoroids :D
    i used to love k-on! loved the music <3 actually bought a guitar because of it LOL. that didn't work well.
    eren just arrived and he's so cute omg...
    5 år siden
    Azamii (5 år siden) #2175606i also have that convo with myself :P haha
    Did you get any figures the last month? :)
    Im excited because now its the start of the month and i can build up my amiami loot once again hahaha >__<
    Yea im having the same problem, i've just realized the cuteness of nendoroids and the awesomeness of amiami pre owned and now.. well it's becoming a problem haha
    No i don't... only because only for 2 reasons...
    1. I'd rather do it with someone else aswell
    2. If i do cosplay, i want to do it right, no crappy costumes or wigs or anything

    for the month of may the only things i got was eren figma, haru and makoto wall scroll thing, and a madoka nendoroid for a friend's birthday. june is just levi figma and a mini table and chair set for my snk figmas to chill out on. i'm trying to order very little for the next 3 months in preparation for september's huge haul of boys, and the boys to come especially ITEM #116883. but march/april though was so damn expensive, especially all the impulse buys from pre-owned, i actually regret some buys. dat amiami pre-owned is the devil i tell you -_-
    did you get anything for may? what are you planning for june :P

    and yeah i know how you feel. finding someone to cosplay properly with is like finding that $2 coin you dropping in the sewer. this is probably the last time i can find someone to cosplay with and it only worked out because we both wanted to impress reika arikawa. she's japan's crossplay king i tell you.
    5 år siden
    Aciqui Lurking
    Sorry for the late reply D:
    My favourite figure of Kuroneko would have to be a toss up of either ITEM #61728 or ITEM #90041

    What's yours? :D

    Azamii (5 år siden) #2156979haha thats funny!
    Yes she is, she is actually the reason i started watching Oreimo.
    I saw a figure of her and i was like 'ohmygosshh, she's so cute!'
    and i started watching the show to see who this girl was and i liked the show so i just watched the whole thing :)
    Which is your favourite figure of her? and why? ^_^
    5 år siden
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