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    Hey, Merry Christmas friend!! Hope yours is going great!! We'll have to converse later and talk about what we got!
    5 år siden
    Kaneel on Ice
    Sending a merry christmas over to you.

    Hope you enjoy some nice days with your family and friends.
    5 år siden
    catvillage66 (5 år siden) #1882231I love your YouTube channel! I've found so many awesome songs thanks to you. ^^ Nice collection by the way~
    Didn't notice this comment here before. There was no notification, how odd. Also, thank you.
    5 år siden
    catvillage66 (5 år siden) #1856205Sounds, fun. What movies did you watch? I like horror movies a lot, I'm planning on watching The Conjuring soon, my friend told me it was really scary.
    XD Well your young and resilient I guess.
    Annnnd, break past, I hope you got that sleeping in! So lets see, on Saturday I went over to my friends house and watched the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who special with her and a few other people (it was basically a party). AND IT WAS SO GOOD!!!!! Then after that I went to see Catching Fire with my other two friends, that was pretty cool too. Then on Sunday I went for a refreshing walk and after that spent the rest of the day playing video games. So yeah, busy but fun. Did you do anything else? Got anything planned for this weekend?
    IT IS SO BLOODY COLD HERE RIGHT NOW. It was like -10 on Sunday, and it will be worse in December... OTL I hate Winter in Canada. .3.

    I watched The Ring, and for shits and giggles Scary Movie 1, god I love that parody.
    im sorry but imo the conjuring was just a joke of a horror. like i literally fell asleep twice. xD
    but i guess it's an okay movie to watch if you have like no other good horror movies to watch.. you know?
    walks <3 i love walking, especially in the rain AND IN THE SNOW WHICH I WILL BE DOING SOON~~
    for once atlanta will get decent snowfall.. hopefully.
    hmm, nothing but studying this week... and going to see a dog we might potentially buy xD
    wanna see the pics? www.luckypup.or...
    justt AHHHHH they're so cuteee
    i hate summer more than winter xD like i can endure the cold (just hafta put on like 5 coats) but i cannot stand the heat. it's like... no xD
    okay i am going to fail these tests tomorrow so i will go study my ass off now ^^~ xD
    5 år siden
    Kaneel on Ice
    View spoilerHide spoilercatvillage66 (5 år siden) #1804148I should get that too, I swear to God I do that so much and its so annoying that I just want to punch my computer.
    Sounds stressful. ^^; I'm sorry you had all of those technical difficulties, I'm sure it still looked great though and that the audience loved it! I can't wait to check out some of the footage! I'm sure its not as bad as you think. ^^
    I know, she's just so cute! I have a soft spot for cats too, so obviously I melted when I saw her for the first time. Plus she has a stellar voice! Redjuice is amazing, I don't collect art books myself though. I probably will pick up some eventually though.
    I'm dying to hear quality versions of the demos! So far the best we've gotten is one someone recorded with an iPhone, the official uploads better go up soon! I'm excited to hear all of the updates, I hope Luka will get a power append since she has such a soft voice. I'm looking forward to seeing their tweaked designs too~
    He has an account on NicoNico that you could check out too. www.nicovideo.j... Not all of his originals are uploaded there though, lots more covers. I like YouTube mostly for the cover artists, a few of my favourites are Vocaapple, RinVocaloidCover and Sarah Lynn. www.youtube.com... www.youtube.com... www.youtube.com... They do some pretty good stuff.
    At least you got an order in you lucky bastard! Pre-orders always open when I'm asleep and it sucks! ;_; I'll have to be on edge on his release day to snag up a copy. Its soo bad you missed Levi. TT__TT You'll have to be on your toes too! Ugh, the pre-order battles ahead are going to be tough...
    That would be very cool. :3 I love watching really well done MMD videos. Dir Wakamura has done some awesome stuff~
    Aw, that sucks. It would've been great to get her noticed by some more people. I think she'll do pretty well in popularity though, the fact that she's sisters with Aoki will be a big help. I CANNOT WAIT TO HEAR HER COMPLETED VOICE. IT WILL BE AMAAAAAAZING.
    I wish she hadn't been pushed back, I really wanted her as a Christmas present. Well, so long as she turns out nice is all that matters though.
    I'll check out your pics when you upload them. I'm really glad she turned out better than IA. With any luck Aqua will keep getting better and better! I'd love for them to do a Lily or CUL eventually.
    Oh and we got some news on Nana! She'll be releasing in January! I can't wait, I hope we get some demos soon~
    Last night I had a dream that GSC was making a Nendoroid of Iroha, the concept art was in my dream, it was hung up at Wonfes with some others. I hope it will come true. ;^;

    Forgive me for this super late reply, i hadn't noticed that already a month passed by, ugh christmas season is in full run here, but the weather doesn't want to play nice, still lokks like fall outside.

    Aww your poor pc, well if you use firefox you might want to look for the Lazarus: Form Recovery add on. Thats the one i'm using now and it's lovely.
    Our coordinator is still postponing the official release for whatever reasons so i hope you got the link to the private upload.
    Yeah cat ears speakers and her voice plus fluffy hair, i still hope for some available merch from her and of course that her english voicebank isn't abandonded.
    I have a small collection of artbooks so redjuices would fit perfectly in here but im holding it of right now to have some extra space for any figures or albums which might be released in march.
    Also our publisher will all start their new programms in this month and i will attend a book fair so i know beforehand to calculate a lot.
    We now have four demos released of V3 Meiko and i love each of them, she sounds so promising and even her english sounds really nice, let's see how many demos we'll be gettingof her and when they finally reveal her V3 design.
    At least it is confirmed now that the next for update will be Luka and then the Kagamines after.
    I hope they redo her english and power or dark bank would really suit her.

    One of my favorite cover artist would be cillia/ kyaami. Ever since she started with those Ritsu cover of nikis songs she convinced me how great he can sound in the right hands, same for Teto too. She has the skills to make Teto sound less metallic and nasal but powerful instead, just like her latest cover of "First" with Teto.

    Haha, yeah thats because i work night shifts and i usually come home when pre-orders open ^^
    but it seems that whatever licensing issues they had a solved now so the next pre-orders shouldn't be that much of a fight, at least i hope so. We still have no news on Armin.

    One of my favorite MMDer, besides Wakamura and Masataka(those two are like the most wellknown i think?) is BrotherP. His PV of ODDS & ENDS is so great, i can safely recommend him.

    I'm still debating to order that single release of Merlis demos ITEM #184988, especially because i hope they maybe use her full voicebank for the songs and they'll include a version with her voiceprovider.

    Hopefully Nana will get a little more attention, if they really release her in january already she could need a little more promotion.

    As you have seen i still hadn't any time for a proper fotoshoot with Gumi ... and now Kotos gumi is out and i'm like "order her or not, order her or not, you have 13 mikus, you sureley can have six gumis at last ..." .
    I'd love to see a Lily from Aquamarine, at least something in the right scale to fit in with the rest.
    The new snow miku is also so adorable and i can imagine iroha as a nendo too, we'll see, Winterwonfes is not so far awaya.

    I don't know if you heard of the Vocaloid Opera "THE END" but they just had a screening in Paris and are now heading to New York and Montreal. PinoccioP was responsible for Mikus tuning and it's really something different ... and dark.
    Maika has a release set now, 18th december, only three weeks left but it seems the hype for her is still strong.
    5 år siden
    catvillage66 (5 år siden) #1816102I KNOW I MISSED YOU SO MUCH. \(TT_TT)/ *hugs*
    I'm doing pretty good, had a awesome Halloween, went to Scream Park last week, made a few new friends, ordered a new figure, and I finished up the last of my projects! (^0^) Though I'm expecting new ones on Monday... OTL
    I know it sucks, the work load always sucks before Christmas... OTL
    http://media.tumblr.com/8539ea4eab96302438ce1650bc34a1bc/tumblr_inline_mtbpderAei1qid2nw.gif I most certainly do heheh. They're way to cute! http://media.tumblr.com/d79a2496f0c420080a55fc467647e0da/tumblr_inline_mtbpdpfzDk1qid2nw.gif
    So how are you doing? Are you watching anything this anime season? Did you have a good Halloween?

    Hmm, well I watched a bunch of horror movies while simultaneously studying for a test, so I guess I could say my Halloween was okay..? //shot
    Dude I had a project due on Monday so I went to sleep at like 3am on Sunday, and today I had an essay due so I went to sleep at 4.. how is my body still functioning xD

    BUT WHO GIVES A CRAP BREAK IN 3 DAYS!! You doing anything this break? I'll be catching on my sleep lmao
    5 år siden
    neptunecadet ~Sayonara no Tsubasa~
    catvillage66 (5 år siden) #1840444 Lovely custom miki Nendo
    She's sooooo cute! C'mon GSC! We need AH-Software Nendos!

    Ooooh! I may have just died a little bit! I want....so bad... she looks so real, it's not even fair! How are such beautiful customs even made!
    5 år siden
    Kaneel on Ice
    Hey, i've a nice surprise.
    First i finally got the video footage from our show, which i only have to upload now.
    Second, the awesome OP we got was uploaded four days ago without me knowing, but something to watch before i have time for the big one.
    Click me
    I'll write a long comment, especially because of mei-chans birthday, her first demos, new Merli demo etc etc. Just so you're prepared ^^.

    P.S for the english lyrics of the song you might want to watch the LA version
    5 år siden
    otredfl;szdo;lkgfc GURRRRRLLLLL
    I haven't talked with you in FOREVERRRRR D:
    How's it going? ^o^~?

    School's been killing me >.>;; I have no time for anything anymore D:
    I see you really like those emoticons LOL. I don't blame ya, they're adorable >u<
    *steals the sweat drop one* >:D
    5 år siden
    DID YOU SEE? D: biginjap.com/pv...
    5 år siden
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